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Experiment 3

No description

Jade Sanders

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Experiment 3

Mission Culture Core Values History Organizational Structure Relationship Building Policy Highlights Benefits Harrassment Training and Prevention Risk Management To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all What sport formerly called "kittenball", and "sissyball" did the YMCA help rename? A) Ping Pong

B) Dodgeball C) Wallyball D) Softball What U.S. Olympic Sport was first created at a YMCA as a slower-paced, simpler sport for the more senior YMCA members to play? Answer: Volleyball How many members do YMCAs across the U.S. collectively serve? A) 18.9 Million B) 850,000 C) 50,000 D) 1 Billion The U.S. Government approached the YMCA asking for assistance in creating what organization? A) Federal Reserve B) Peace Corps C) Dept. of Education D) Head Start What famous civil rights activist grew up at a YMCA? A) Rosa Parks B) Martin Luther King, Jr. C) Caesar Chavez D) Susan B. Anthony HR Orientation The first YMCA was founded in England by George Williams in 1844 The first YMCA in the United States was established in Boston in December of 1951 by Thomas Valentine Sullivan. Dr. Luther Gulick of the International YMCA Training School proposed the use of the red triangle as the symbol of the YMCA in 1891. In 1967, John Root of the Chicago YMCA gave rise to the modern logo which incorporates the inverted triangle.
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