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Teach Like a Rock Star Recap

Recap and take away from the Teach Like a Rock Star teaching training

Renee Lee

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Teach Like a Rock Star Recap

My recap of the training
Teach Like a Rock Star

From One to Many
It wasn't about playing rocking music.
Hal Bowman wanted to develop the capacity for teachers to have a lifelong impact on a their student's knowledge, thoughts, emotions, actions, and character.
The Bowman Burger
Are you not tired of the old sandwich?
Take the 10x10x10 Challenge
10 positive seconds with 10 kids before 10 a.m.
Do you know who you are teaching?
The habits of our students will affect who they are. And their character reinforces their habits. How do you respond to their habits?
Students will sometimes follow you because of what you say. They will FOREVER follow you because of who you are? - Hal Bowman
Answer the fundamental "Why?" question
Address the issue
Remind student of potential
Do you know why that one student always falls asleep in YOUR class?
Why does it appear they never have their school supplies?
This kid never works on the work in class when I give him time, why not?
She just sits back there and never does anything. UGH!!!
In a nutshell...
In order for our kids to succeed they need someone to stop teaching them based on their performance and start teaching them based on their ability.
What the student does.
How the student does it.
How well the student does.
Student performance is a habit.
Tell the student why you decide to teach year after year.
What is the problem?
What do you see special in that student?
What can they do?
This presentation would not have been possible without the Teach Like a Rock Star printed materials and presenter, Hal Bowman.
Teacher the kids want to be around.
Teacher they will never work for.
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