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Copy of The Soft Side of Enterprise Architects

Nurturing future Enterprise Architects with essential soft and leadership skills.

Tony Chong

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Soft Side of Enterprise Architects

The Soft Side of Enterprise Architects
Developing your Enterprise Architects
How are you developing your potential Enterprise Architects?
Soft skills are KEY competencies of an effective Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Architecture (EA) programs are recognized as an integral of business strategic planning.

Organizations are leveraging EA programs to architect businesses towards the future state and goals.

Architects are increasing focus on business architecture with close partnership with business leaders.

Staffing your EA positions are of great interest to your business leaders.

change agents, coaches, business-to-technical
business process and industry

recognized business
to gather and
vision to produce realistic goals.

involved in the entire process of leading the design to executing programs to meet these goals.
Business Cycle Times
Enterprise Architects are
Dynamic individual with strong interpersonal and leadership.

Keen sense of internal politics, and versed in industrial & organizational psychology.

Posses good business acumen and skilled into non-IT management discipline(s).

Candidates are found in IT and also business lines.
An Effective Architect
Lead with influence (and without formal authority)
Well-respected, passionate, persistent, consensus builder.

Innovative, strategic and curious minded
Strategic driven but balanced with effective operations.

Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
Articulate, persuasive, effective negotiator and politically astute.
Able to engage in meaningful discussions and at different levels of the organization.
The Soft Sides
Key Qualifications
Leadership - Ability to influence, negotiate, facilitate and persuade...
Professional - Technology neutral, holistic and strategically minded. Interpersonal - Strong communication and relationship skills within and industry.

Core Competencies
Application, Information, Technology and Integration architecture and methods.
Business Process, Program/Project, System and Life system management.

Business Competencies
Planning & Analysis.
Business Operations & Services.
Shared Services e.g. Legal, Human Resource, Procurement etc.
Qualifications & Competencies
Architecture methods and technical aptitudes are not sufficient.

Versatilists have both depth and broad of multiple disciplines.

Versatilists have ability to change roles with ease and confidence.

Enterprise Architects are expected to be a Versatilists!
The Versatilist
Partnering with HR and business Staffing & Development framework for Enterprise Architects.

Identifying skills and competencies
Linking to training programs
Qualifying the competencies
Individual training road-map
Resource planning
Early identification
Skills gap analysis.
Target training & development
Professional Development Committees
Monitor EA resources
Succession Planning
Development Framework
Enterprise Architects
Business Architects
Domain Architects
Tony Chong
July 2012
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