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China’s Investments in Russia: Where do

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Alexander Kurakov

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of China’s Investments in Russia: Where do

Thank You!
Basic Information on Chinese FDI Flows
FDI flows are concentrated in Siberia, Far East, Moscow & St. Petersburg.
Prominent role: natural resources related sectors & transport
The stock of Chinese FDI is estimated at up to US$4 billion (2014)
Oil and Gas Sector
2014: Gazprom and CNPC signed the gas deal stated to be around USD 400 billion

2015: CNPC has bought 9.9% stake in a LNG project from Russian company Novatek
Transport Infrastructure
Two countries are currently linked by three railways. The major project is to link the Ussuriisk and Dunin by railroad.

Consequently: collaboration in the construction of infrastructure, special economic zones and industrial parks in the Far East and Siberia, using Chinese financial resources, labor and know-how.
Examples of Chinese FDI in Russia
Kurakov Alexander, 329
China’s Investments in Russia: Where do
They Go and How Important are they?

Several projects at different stages of implementation:

2006: The construction of a US$250 million pulp and paper manufacturing facility in Habarovskiy Kray

2007: an agreement to set up timber-processing facilities of up to US$1 billion
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