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Teach Like A Champion Video Clips

Doug Lemov's Taxonomy of teaching techniques that help teachers establish positive classroom management.

Daniel Perez

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Teach Like A Champion Video Clips

Teach Like A Champion No Opt Out Strong Voice Cold Call Precise Praise SLANT
Sit up
Lean Forward
Act Interested
Track the speaker Positive Framing- "a vision of positive outcome"
Acknowledgement Builds Momentum- thank those who are on task
Narrating the Positive reinforces what you want- be specific about the praise you give Warm & Strict
correction with explanation
Not chiding- no nagging The Joy Factor
inject your classroom with joy
Use comedy, surprises, grab them by their brains
"Teaching depends on what other people think... not what you think"
Do not make assumptions. If your students do not understand a concept, help them without giving them the answer. Explain things in another way or using another method. Content Knowledge & Pedagogical Knowledge
go hand in hand Here are a list of techniques that are offered based on Doug Lemov's observations
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