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No description

Jarrad Nunes

on 25 January 2015

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Transcript of College

January 21, 2014
John McEachern
Director of Undergraduate Admission

Log on to Naviance
to complete your
We will contact you
to schedule a Family
Students, attend the Junior College Seminar
during N-blocks
Students and parents,
explore your options
in Naviance
Schedule your first
SAT (3/8 or 5/3)
or ACT (4/12)
Students, prepare
for your first SAT
or ACT Test
Students, begin to
research the schools
on your list
Students and parents,
begin to tour college
Students, attend the
Manhattan College Fair
(4/27 at Chapin)

Students, take the
SAT Subject Tests on
6/7 if necessary

Calhoun College Handbook
The Naviance Program
Research Individual Colleges
View Scattergrams
View Scattergrams
View Scattergrams
College Quick Links
online resources
college night
for juniors and their parents
January 21, 2014
a coming of age ritual
"attainment of prominence, respectability, recognition, and maturity"
is a struggle to obtain a desired outcome
requires self-knowledge, reflection, and internal motivation
involves specific hurdles, tests, challenges
represents a step toward independence; requires personal investment
results in a sense of pride and accomplishment
overlapping roles
how do i begin?
Read, reflect, research and REPEAT
There are 2500+ 4-year colleges in the US, and 150 within an hour of NYC. Go see for yourself!
There are many great possibilities, and many good matches for you!
finding the "right fit"
Three Dimensions of Fit
1.) The Emotional/Personal Fit
as determined by the student
2.) The Academic/Admissions Fit
as determined by the college
3.) The Financial Fit
as determined by the family
"Fit is a marriage of research and emotion."
-John Gaines, Vanderbilt
A Student Should:
take responsibility for the process
be self-reflective and self-aware
keep an open mind & test assumptions
ask questions and seek advice
communicate well
A Student Should Not:
let others run the entire process
procrastinate (too much!)
try to do everything alone
turn the process into a competition with others
let anxiety or stress pile up without help
A Parent Should Be:
a mentor
a source of support
an honest source of information
prepared to let the student make some important decisions
A Parent Should Not Be:
a crutch
an added source of pressure
a gossip
the applicant
A Good College Counselor Is:
an advocate
a source of information and advice
responsive to students and parents
a voice of reason
A Good College Counselor Is Not:
the parent
the applicant
the "bad cop"
a salesperson
And the little pig with the good math and verbal scores lived happily ever after. The other two were swallowed by the wolf...
Find a good match...
and create a positive experience
Maintain Perspective!
Darryl Jones
Senior Assistant Director of Admission
Coordinator of Multicultural Admission
Intercollegiate Athletics Liaison
John McEachern
Director of Undergraduate Admission
Sarah Tarrant Madden
Director of College Counseling
Jarrad Nunes
Associate Director of College Counseling
consider the source...
College admissions officers and high school college counselors were asked, "How accurately does the title 'America's Best Colleges' describe content in the US News & World Report publication?"
Advice from the Admissions Office...
Darryl Jones
John McEachern
(avoid nightmares!)
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