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Cellular Soccer Team

No description

Janet Lovera

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Cellular Soccer Team

A cell is like a soccer team...
The Endoplasmic Reticulum
is like the soccer assistant...

The Bench For The Players are like The Vacuoles...
Cellular Soccer Team
The Nucleus is like a coach...
The Cytoplasm Is Like A Soccer Field....
The Cell Membrane is like a Referee....
The people in the audience are
like the ribosomes....
Lysosomes are like the players
and their plays....
Gatorade is like the Mitochondria...
The nucleus is the large membrane-enclosed structure that just so happens to have one of the most important jobs. It controls many of the cell's activity and contains genetic material in the from of DNA.

How does the Nucleus compare to a coach? Well, just like the nucleus, the coach has the most important job. They decide who plays what position and what strategy to use in the game. Sound familiar? Well coaches are also the most skilled and knowledgeable people on the team from years of experience.
All cells contain a cell membrane. The have the job of regulating what comes in the cell and what can exit the cell. The cell membrane also protects and supports the cell.
An animal cell contains certain organelles that help it function and succeed as a cell. This is the same case with a soccer team, it contains certain materials and people that help the team, as whole, succeed and ultimately triumph.
How does this compare to a referee? Well the referee has the same obligations. Every soccer game must contain, at least, one referee. The referee, also commonly known as a ref., dictates who can enter onto the field and who can exit. The referee also protects the players by calling foul conduct and supports the players by helping them when they are injured.
Vacuoles are held responsible for storing materials such as water, salts, proteins, etc. They also have the responsibility of moving materials between cell organelles.
How do vacuoles compare to the bench players use? Well, the bench "stores" the players needed for the game. They are also where the players store their energy and get ready for their turn in the game.
In a cell, the cytoplasm provides support to all the organelles. It is what keeps everything together inside a cell.
The soccer field is like the cytoplasm. The soccer field is what supports the players, it's what they all play on. The soccer field also unites the players in their passion for the game.
Ribosomes, in cells, are responsible for making proteins and materials that the cell needs to grow and function.
The people in the audience are like the ribosomes, in one way or another. They are the support the team needs to keep going and to have faith in themselves. They also are made up of the family members of those on the team. They bring them to practice and help the team as a whole because when then come to practice they get better and practice is what helps the team grow.
Lysosomes have essentially the "clean-up" job. They break down material, old organelles, and remove these things that might clutter up the cell.
The Golgi Body is Like The Players Backpacks....
The Golgi body is what packages that will eventually be shipped and carried to other places within the cell.
Just like the Golgi bodies, the backpacks that soccer players carry, contain the materials they need to travel. Soccer players fill the backpacks with things that will be necessary in the game. The backpacks also make these things transportable between different schools.
The mitochondria is what produces energy in a cell. The mitochondria turns chemical energy stored in food into compounds that the cell can use more conveniently.
Gatorade is like mitochondria. How? Well, Gatorade helps produce energy that the players need to last through the game. It gives you a boost when your energy runs low in a game. And it also hydrates! No time for a heat stroke in a heated battle!
Endoplasmic reticulum is responsible
for making and distributing proteins throughout the cell.
The soccer assistant is responsible
for helping and attending to the needs of the players, like if a player
gets injured.
The players have the job of "cleaning-up" the competition, they "wipe the floors" with their rivals. Their plays are to help break down the opposing team and the players are the ones that "shut-down" the opposing players, ultimately bringing them victory!
This project was created
by Janet Lovera
Period 3 - Biology
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