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It's worth working for

No description

jihen damerji

on 22 May 2016

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Transcript of It's worth working for

Aymen Felhi
Abir Ben Mabrouk
sahar smach
Teaching and Learning in the 21 stt century through Project Work
la liste des blogues

Iheb tbib
Meriam Belghithi
Rahma Belarbi
I decided to join the project because I wanted to enter that happiness to a needy person - someone who did not know only sadness and depression, he got betrayed by his paralysis, he got betrayed by his legs and since then he couldn't move. This project is a humanitarian project and it is the embodiment of the spirit of cooperation between people. I've been invited by my teacher to take a step in this project and I accepted it with pride. But after I've read its content, I discovered that is what I'm looking for - I've been always looking for a chance to do such a charity work and here my chance came itself.
I can't remember many things on how it all started but somethings still firmly inside my memory. I remember when my teacher has chosen a group of people to participate on Its Working For Project and I was very happy to be one of them. I was waiting everyday to do something new on the project. Whatever - I got added into the private Facebook group and started to participate in the discussions that are taking place almost daily. I liked the way all students were debating. I'm not that kind of people who loves debating but the atmosphere on the group pushed me to take part in the debates and so on.
Actually , i'm in this project to help other.
I didn't do anything for my school before this project
and i'm sure that this project is going to change many things in my school , my team , the community and me as a student .
Thanks to this project , I made new friends and I learned that if we want we can.
I am a member of the radio group, my group is composed of eight members, each of us has a role to accomplish in the project, so we shared our work and we help each other to do well, generally, except collecting corks, our role is to ask other members of different groups about their opinions on the idea of the project, how they also share their work, tools and software they used for their work, the difficulties that they had during the work and other questions about the project, and I think the radio group has worked well to achieve the common goal, collecting corks to help handicapped
I joined the group 's project because i loved the idea but i didn't believe that collecting plastic covers can help people with special needs . Our teacher encouraged us and made us feel excited . I became a member of the on field group , we exchanged ideas and we shared tasks . Now i see that our project and our dream come true
We are the Radio Group , we are composed of 12 members , our mission is to help the Tunisian people to be vigilant and mind, and to start our mission we create the radio group and we start to change the viewpoints of our classmates in high school'' bechir nabheni "and we record radio broadcasts talking notes on how to transform tunisia into the following year by lute pollution and help disabled people at the same time and we give the example of assosiation "emel tunis" who collects plastic caps to buy wheelchairs for disabled people although we also record interview with other groups such as: Party group, group Video, 3D group Onfiled group .
There's always some people who are waiting for us to help them . So , i start doing that by collecting bottles ,drawing , making a 3D videos with my team and start with educating every member of our community about this event
We have a dream that one day we will have tablets for each student and adapt a programme to their individual needs and learn in their own time at their own speed and in their own environment but waiting for that day let's become digital literate so i wanted to talk today about our school project it's worth working for in which we are raising a campaign to get a wheel chair for a handicapped person and at the same time this project has other dimensions one of which is digital literacy.
The 21st century has a lot of new technologies that we should benefit from. People should stop living in the past and learn how to use these technologies like learning how to create a blog and share their thoughts in.
iheb tbib
In the beginning, the students and our teacher was not convinced of our idea but after giving our arguments, they liked the idea.
"It's Worth Working For" is a project work , where the participants (students) will help the environment and those in need (a disabled) with the collaboration of the association " Emel Tounes "

eya hajri
Honestly , i joined this project because I want to help others people by doing simple actions like collecting covers , drawing pictures or creating awareness compains that wont only provides a wheel chair to a needy person
kaouther belaalia
I joined this project because I want to help others and when someone else's life changes I would like to be part of that person's happiness and be proud of myself by doing simple actions like collecting covers or creating awareness compains that wont only provides a wheel chair to a needy person but also helps changing our world to a better place to live in.
sabrine ben ghorbel
I'm in this project because I think that our community needs projects like this one, it's good helping people in need, trying to change the attitudes of others in a way that they become more aware of people with special needs and our environment, which suffers from our misconduct and egoism, in addition to our community who needs to be united and wiser.
Aymen Felhi
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