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Week 1: MBS553 Philosophy of Religion

No description

Gene Maynard

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Week 1: MBS553 Philosophy of Religion

MBS553 Philosophy of Religion
6 Worldview Stories
My Goal for This Class
Religious and Intellectual Climate of 2017
Much religious thinking
How philosophy and religion work together
Crucifixion of Jesus
Biblical Interpretation
Christian Faith as Tenable
Eclectic Faith
1. An unexamined faith is not worth holding.
2. It is not sufficient to hold beliefs just because you inherited them.
My goal is to help you examine your faith and beliefs until you arrive at a faith that is
, and
. not ridiculous nor offensive.
Textbooks and Media
DIY Spirituality
The first "unpack:"
The essence of philosophy is THINKING
A philosopher is a person who believes in thought
A philospher is incurably curious
curious = eager to know
before accepting any claim,
a philospher asks questions
A philosopher is looking for...
points of view (POV)
A philosopher is searching for...
Tenability = a position capable of being held and defended
Plausibility = credible; likely, worthy of acceptance
Coherence = consistent; each part fits
the 2nd "unpack:" religion
The essence of religion is commitment
At the heart of religious commitment is direct encounter (experience) with God
has an experience of God and reports an experience of God
asks questions about the experience and whether it is plausible
religion and philosophy do not happen
at the same time
first the experience
then the thinking about the experience
Gene Maynard
Married to Lorri 39 years
3 adult children: Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis
4 grandchildren, ages 6-1
Lived, taught and pastored in...
Formal Education
B.A. Warner Pacific College
MDiv. Asbury Theological Seminary
DMin (theology) Princeton Theological Seminary
Informal Education
12 years of
Step 1: Introduce another community member
Step 2: one challenge culture presents to Christian faith
Stuff I like
My Worldview: Reflection (Sept. 11)
Why I Am a Christian: Explanation (Oct. 7)
Communicating Christian Faith to a Post-Everything Person: Research Paper (Oct. 30)
Reading Log (November 6
To have a chance to receive an "A" grade, assignments MUST BE turned in ON TIME!
Read Nash,
Intro and
Chapters 1-3
Read Keller,
2 Definitions
Noetic Structure
1. describes the sum total of all I believe
2. Helps me organize beliefs into relationships
3. Points out varying degrees of conviction with which I hold certain beliefs
4. Includes peripheral and core beliefs
A worldview is a conceptual (mental) scheme by which I fit my beliefs together so that I can interpret and judge reality.
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