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Alessandro Andreuccetti

No description

Lola Del Rio

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Alessandro Andreuccetti

Alessandro Andreuccetti
Brief summary
Alessandro was a man who made his life purpose and time into creating and learning about art. He is an Italian water color artist who spills his emotions out on to canvas.
Basic Facts About Artist
Born: April 28, 1955
Schools: Florence's Academy of fine arts
Published 2 graphic novels

He studied art and architecture in Florence and soon after graduating, in 1980 began job as a graphic novelist. He was always interested in the media watercolor and the art of hand crafted paper. He began showing his art in local towns. IN 1983 he even won first place “Concorso nazionale del fumetto e del Fantastico di Prato.”
Artsy Beginings
He published two graphic novels and many illustrations for various books. In parallel with the graphical activity, it continues its artistic surveying searching in the landscapes and the figures taken to model the forms and the colours to amalgamate in new perfectly independent compositions.
Starting Out
Inspired piece #1
Inspired piece #2
Inspired Piece #3
Inspired Piece #4
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