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Blakeley Woessner

on 25 March 2016

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Transcript of Harmony

-another voice part
-an accompaniment part.
Harmonies are communicated by the use of CHORDS.
harmonies take the music different places, add variety, and greatly affect the mood.
The sound created by multiple notes being played/sung simultaneously.
CHORDS are three or more notes being played together
chords can have 4 different QUALITIES, depending on what notes they use.
When all three notes are played at the exact same time, it's called a BLOCK CHORD.

When the notes are played one after the other, it's called a broken chord, or ARPEGGIO.
Melody and Harmony work together to make CADENCES. A cadence is a point of arrival that signals the end of a musical unit.
Usually we notice harmony as...
Major - happy
Minor - sad
Augmented - shock!
Diminished - sinister
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