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Person Centred Support

No description


on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Person Centred Support

Phase 1
Phase 2
Person Centred Support Working Group
Person Centred Support is a way of discovering how a person wants to live their life and what is required to make that possible. It is about respecting choices and supporting decisions - even if they are not the the choices and decisions we would have made.

It has its roots in the independent living movement and is grounded in a social model of disability, using a strength’s based approach.
Person Centred Support at Cheshire
Staff Focus Groups
Consumer Feedback
What are we hoping for?
Building on the Foundation
Client Satisfaction

Staff Satisfaction

Accreditation Standards

LHIN performance standards
Independent Living Philosophy
and Consumer Directed Care
Commitment to Quality
Develop an organizational definition of "Person Centred Support"

Incorporate the language and philosophy into the Vision, Mission, Values of the organization

Educate staff

Establish a PCS Working Group to develop and lead the change

Engage consumers in the process
How do we Start?
Recruitment of staff membership from across the organization -- front line, administrative and leadership

Recruitment of consumer representatives
Focus group sessions were held in each program with all staff
Experience Based Design Approach

One:One Interviews

Annual Satisfaction Surveys - Analysis

Active Follow up and Communication

Consumer Advisory Council

Consumer involvement in committee work
Phase 3
Develop and Implement a Change Management Plan
-- A work in progress
Collaborate with UWO to develop Change Management plan

Implement mandatory, interactive all-day education sessions to explore Person Centred Support, improve empathy and build awareness of the impact of staff response

Use Kotter's Change Management strategies as a guide and employ theory of positive deviance to support

Trial PDSA's to test strategies (e.g. 3 questions)

Monitor and follow up.

Communicate...communicate....communicate -- keep it front of mind for staff and consumers
Improved consumer independence and quality of life
Consumer Advisory Council
Recruitment of consumer membership from across the organization -- all programs and all communities served

cross- recruitment to other internal committee's (person centred support, staff engagement, Board of Directors, Quality)
Staying the Course
Review successes and challenges along the way

Continuously monitor and gather feedback

Adapt and implement new strategies as needed to create and maintain momentum
3 questions
Stories from the Heart
Compassion Video
Ribbon of Thanks
Filling Buckets

Connect to policies, procedures and performance expectations

Stay positive and celebrate success
Improved consumer satisfaction
improved communication
reduction in consumer complaints
improved staff satisfaction and engagement
reduction in staff turnover
improved staff attendance
improved staffing consistency
reduced training and orientation costs
reduction in consumer incidents
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