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Clean Water Africa PSA w/ Jennifer Connelly

Unit 3 Project By Erin Luton

Erin Luton

on 29 June 2010

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Transcript of Clean Water Africa PSA w/ Jennifer Connelly

charitywater.org PSA
Starring Jennifer Connelly By Erin Luton The PSA takes place in New York, making the message more local and giving the audience urgency to pay attention, despite the fact it addresses an issue in Africa. Throughout the video, the facial expressions mark hopelessness and oppression.
There are no smiling faces, marking the seriousness of the situation. The music is simple and repeated, it is representative of the actions captured in the film.
The task of fetching the water and transporting it in containers is repetitive and tedious as well. The water they worked so hard to receive is dirty and disgusting. The visual of the water is followed by "Imagine drinking this." This quote along with the visual puts us in their shoes, evoking emotions and sympathy from its audience. The vast number of those lacking safe water is startling, these stats make the risk real and concerning. The video states 1.1 billion lack access to safe water. After seeing these images and statistics we are driven to donate. Considering the plight they endure to reach water, the cost of $2o for 20 years for one person seems small. References:
Nayar, Pramod. Packaging Life: Cultures of the Everyday.

The film uses celebrity Jennifer Connelly to embody the risk faced by those lacking access to clean water. As Nayar states: "Embodiment here is taken to mean the giving of a body, casting risk as a body." (109)
Since the spokesperson is a celebrity, the message will gain more attention using her star status and recognizability.
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