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Mitch Lucker

Lead Singer of Suicide Silence

Dallas Hicks

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Mitch Lucker

Their Albums In 2005 the released their first album Suicide Silence EP. In 2007 with new drummer and lead guitarist they released their second album The Cleansing. In 2009 with new bassist they released their third album No Time To Bleed. In 2011 their fourth and final with Mitch at vocals was The Black Crown. The Band Started in 2002 with Chris Garza, Tanner Womack, Rick Ash, Josh Goddard, And Mike Bodkins. In 2007 they had gotten a new lead guitarist and drummer Mark Heylmun and Alex Lopez. In 2009 new bassist Dan Kenny. Born October 20, 1984 riverside, California. Only able to release his emotions through screaming, because of anxiety. He joined Suicide Silence in 2002. Has many tattoos, full sleeved on his arms, and his chest and neck fully filled in. Married to Jolie Lucker and has a 5-year old daughter named Kenadee Lucker. R.I.P. Died November 1, 2012 after 8 hours of surgery in Huntington, California. He is the second musician to die in Huntington, California. Police are starting to claim that alcohol is a factor in this accident. After Jolie claims that he took the decision to "drink and ride". He posted a picture of himself with a tweet saying " The dead is living." Earlier that month he posted a tweet saying "I'd rather die riding 95 than live a life full of lies." By Dallas Hicks Mitch Lucker About Him Mitch is second from the left. 1st album
Suicide Silence 2nd album
The Cleansing 3rd album
No Time To Bleed 4th album
The Black Crown
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