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School of Social Work

No description

William Packard

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of School of Social Work

School of Social Work
Field Education Program

Building On our Strengths

Our community
Within SSW, we make space for dialogue
The Social Work profession wants to help the next generation
Our students engage, speak, & advocate for their education
Student initiative is Transformational
Decades deep relationships with agencies
Strong relationship triangles between:
Students, Field Faculty & Field Instructors
Why do we Need Community Asset Map?
Build Trust & community
Understand & recognize Our Strengths
Build on our strengths to meet our challenges
Rising cost, debt, & stress limits learning & harms our Profession
Fundamental to our school's Mission: "we commit ourselves to promoting social and economic justice for poor and oppressed populations and enhancing the quality of life for all. "
Who is involved in Making the Map?
Social Workers Stand Up
Student Advisory committee
Field Ed Faculty & Staff
Leon Preston, stan De Mello
Faculty - Researchers
Karina Walters
Edwina Uehara, emiko Tajima

Where will we make our map?
An all school Conference at the school of Social Work
School is accessible to students, staff & Faculty
Will enhance attendance

Vital Presentation Components

Descriptions of People's...
Experience & Wisdom
Passion, Compassion, & Empathy
Skills & Talents
Illustrated Map of Relationships
Photos of Social Work Mentors & Alumni
Agencies hosting students
Photos of Field Faculty & Staff
Physical, Economic, and social Assets
School of Social Work Building, Within UW
Research Groups, Labs, technology & Grants
Computers & Software
The Work of faculty, staff, and students
History & Values
School Mission - Social Justice for All People
Heritage of the school - Whose shoulders do we stand on?
our Identity, Reputation, and relationships

Questions for Our Community
Large Group Questions
How can our school better embody our social justice mission?
With unlimited funding, how would our school stay the same? & How would our school change?
What is the most important strength of the School?
How can our school community become the beloved Community?
Think of a time when you felt well-supported in your field placement. What happened?
How can the school Faculty & Administration build Stronger Relationships with student cohorts? between cohorts?
How can students build stronger relationships with the SWS?
What do you need to feel respected? How can you give respect?
Small Group Questions
Initial Asset Map
Representations of school's relationships
with field placement agencies
How strong is each relationship?
How do students feel in the placement?
When students 'succeed' in that placement, what do they do?
Between school faculty & student cohorts
How are cohorts similar? Different?
How does the school organize, engage with, and listen to students?
How do students engage with the school?
Organized Representation of schools Physical, social, and financial resources
Community Asset Map
Thanks to Social Workers Stand Up,
Emiko Tajima and Leon Preston for their Help in developing this Presentation
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