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30 Things About ME!

Here are 30 things about me.

Ella Deeken

on 10 September 2010

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Transcript of 30 Things About ME!

1. Lacrosse is my life 11. One of the cool things about Vieques, Puerto Rico where we went this summer was the bioluminescent bay that we got to swim in. 3. I go to Hawai'i almost every
other year to see my grandma.
We went this year for a month. 4. I play piano and French Horn 5. I want to go to the University of Virginia
and play lacrosse there 6. I have a dog, a guinea pig, and a fish which I haven't named yet. 7. I have a younger brother and sister. 8. My family loves to travel. 9. Even though I didn't say it at graduation, I'm starting to really miss recess. 10. While I was in Hawai'i I learned how to scuba dive. I now love scuba diving. 2. Math is my least favorite subject 12. I think chocolate is one of the best things in the world 13. I have 15 cousins; here are 3 of them 14. My dog-who is the best dog in the world- has IBD (irritable bowel disease) and has to eat special canned, nasty food 15. I kissed a dolphin in Hawai'i 16. My brother, my sister, and
I have all read at least
the firstand second Harry Potter books
(my sister is 9 and my brother is 6). 17. My uncle is the Swiss men's national lacrosse team's coach 18. My dream car would be the Buick Lacrosse, solely because of its name 19. I think Longfellow should give us more time between classes 20. I love milkshakes 21. My aunt scored the winning goal in the 1990 NCAA Women's Lacrosse Championship for Harvard 22. My dog, because of all his stomach problems will never be full grown. He is a 'miniature golden retriever' as i call it 23. I don't quite understand the point of homework 24. I can sometimes be a procrastinator 25. My mom loves getting organic food. I do not like organic food. 26. I have an AMAZING purple beanbag chair which I love 27. Leo, my dog, was named by my brother after a constellation of Leo the Lion, because my dog sort of looks like a lion. 28. I like to talk a lot 29. I got stung by a Portugese Man-o'-War in Hawaii 30. I want to be on the All-World lacrosse team when i grow up
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