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Higher Geography Overview of the Course

No description

Ross McLean

on 5 June 2011

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Transcript of Higher Geography Overview of the Course

Higher Geography Unit 1: Physical Environments Lithosphere Hydrosphere Unit 2: Human Environments Population Environmental Interactions Urban Studies Rural Studies Industry Development + Health Population: Population Density and Distribution Population Change Urban/Rural Population Population Pyramids - Fast Growing/Slow Growing Demographic Transition Model Migration e.g. Rwanda; Mexico to USA; Turkey to W. Germany and Poland to UK Urban: Urban Hierarchy and Models
Changes in the City
Transport and Pollution
Land use in the city from CBD to Suburbs
Glasgow Case Study
O.S. mapwork Rural: Farm Processes and System
Extensive Commercial in arable land e.g. Great Plains, USA & East Anglia, UK
Intensive Peasant in padi rice farming e.g. Malaysia
Shifting Cultivation in the Rainforests e.g. Amazon
Changes in Farming Industry: Industrial Systems - Types and Location of Industry
Changes in Industry
Old and New Industry
Glasgow and Sambre Meuse Case Studies
O.S. Mapwork D & H: Measuring Development
Problems measuring development
Differences in Development - between coutnries and witihin countries
Diseases of ELDCs - Cholera and Malaria
Primary Health Care Lithosphere: Glaciated Landscapes
Limestone/Karst Landscapes
Coastal Landscapes
Mass Movements Atmosphere Biosphere Hydrosphere: Hydrological Cycle
The Water Budget
River Basin Systems
Stream Hydrographs
River Processes, Landforms and Formation
O.S. Mapwork Atmosphere: Global Heat Budget - Energy between Earth and Space
Global Heat Budget - Energy between Latitudes
Atmospheric Curculation
Climate Change Biosphere: Types of soil - Podsol, Brown Earth and Gley
Vegetation Succession
Psammoseres vegetation development - Sand dunes Rural Land Degradation RLD: Factors for the degradation of soil and land
Mechanics of the processes involved in soil erosion by water and wind
Factors that determine how susceptible a soil is to erosion
The causes, consequences and cures to land degradation
Case Studies - Tennessee Valley, USA; Sahel, North Africa
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