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Qualities of Architectural Space

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zeyad Al-Houssainy

on 27 December 2014

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Transcript of Qualities of Architectural Space

Qualities of Architectural Space
-Floors , walls ,and ceilings do more than mark of a simple quantity of space .
-Their form , configuration and pattern of window and door openings imbue the defined space with certain spatial qualities .
Interior space – spatial qualities :
-These factors don’t only control the amount of the light but also it determine the view.

The View
“Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light. Our eyes are made to see forms in light; light and shade reveal these forms…”

Is determined by :
Degree Of Enclosure
-The size and the shape of the opening:

- A Frame Window
-The location of the opening:
-A vertical or horizontal long narrow opening :
Architectural space :
-The geometric elements (point –line – plane – volumes ) can be arranged to define space .
-In architecture these fundamental elements become linear columns , beams , planer , roofs , floors and walls .
-In architectural design , these elements are organized to give a building form , differentiate between inside and outside , and define the boundaries of interior space .

Form – Color – Texture – Pattern – Sound – Proportion – scale – Definition –
Degree of enclosure – View or outlook – light

The configuration of its defining elements.
The pattern of its openings .
Opening within the enclosing planes .
Opening located along the enclosing planes.
Opening between planes.

Office , store & shop concrete container , Slovenia
This structure has high degree of enclosure because there are not a lot of openings.

Aatrial House,Poland
This section of the structure has much smaller degree of enclosure .

44 Social Housing Tauste (Zaragoza), Spain
Antas Educative Centre, Portugal
Lienihof Residential and Business Complex, Switzerland
Le Corbusier: Towards a New Architecture

Mecenat Art Museum ,Jaban

The works are basically viewed with natural light which changes throughout the year, giving different impression by the weather of the day and time of the year.  The exhibition space is intentionally designed to be susceptible to the natural environment.

The shape and articulation of an opening (window or skylight) is reflected in the shadow pattern cast by sunlight on the forms and surfaces of the room.
44 Social Housing Tauste (Zaragoza), Spain
The Emin Mosque , Turpan , China

The size of the window
The Shape of the window
-When an opening is located entirely within a wall plane, an opening can appear as a bright spot of light on a darker surface.
Notre Dame Du Haut, Ronchamp, France, 1950–1955, Le Corbusier
Sennette House ,Singapore ,By SCDA Architects
-When an opening is located at the corner of a room, It will allow incoming light to wash the surface of the wall plane perpendicular to it and the surface of the wall adjacent.
Museum Liner, Appenzell by Annette Gigon / Mike Guyer

Archaeological Museum und Park Kalkriese, Osnabrück, Germany

-The orientation of the opening.
-The location and orientation of a window or skylight, therefore, can be more important than its size in determining the quality of daylight a room receives.
-An opening can be oriented to receive direct sunlight during certain portions of the day.

The seatle center liberary , USA
-Another way to orient the opening to receive just the
diffuse of nature light instead of the direct sunlight is sky vault that is able to soften the light intensity and determine
the amount of the sunlight.

Sky Vault
Gahini church ,Kayonza ,Eastern Rwanda
-Some rooms have an internal focus such as fireplace others have an outward orientation given to them by a view to the outdoors.

Weiss Residence, USA
Outrial House , Poland
Sustainable House at Lake Laka ,poland
-openings provide this view and establish a visual relationship between a room and its surroundings.
The size and location of these openings determine, of
course, the nature of the outlook as well as the degree of visual privacy for an interior space.

frame a view as a painting in a wall .Gayer Anderson Museum , cairo.
long narrow window ... inSolar Decathlon . Madrid

can not only separate two planes but also hint at what lies beyond.

-A group of windows:
UF Soft R&D Centre, Beijing, China

-The large scene can dominate a space or serve as a backdrop for the activities within it.

Southern Ocean Lodge,Australia
The architecture has a close relationship with the dramatic site. The Main Lodge is tucked back into the cliff top, with large sweeping window walls (Vista) capturing the expansive views of the ocean.

The sun is main source of light for any space that can be illuminated by its openings (windows and skylights).

- ِ Bay Window
- A bay window in Gayer Anderson Museum, cairo
An Internal Focus
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