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READ 180

No description

jessica vitiello

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of READ 180

READ 180
Built around Common Core
3 Stages
A- Grades 4-6
B- Grades 6-8
C- Grades 9 +

The Scholastic Reading Inventory - technology-based universal screener and progress monitor.

SRI is software that “assesses students’ reading levels, tracks students’ growth over time, and helps guide instruction according to students’ needs.”
SRI is used to generate a Lexile, (readability level) for each student.

The purpose of administering the SRI is to determine if the student is a candidate for intervention.

• The Reading Zone -1st zone you work in.
Watch a video/read related passage.
Answer ten vocabulary/comprehension

• The Word Zone- Hear vocabulary words from Reading Zone
Identify words from list
Make voice recording of words

• The Spelling Zone - hear and practice spelling words, identify misspelled words and proofread sentences.

• The Success Zone (other three)- Read passages/ demonstrate what you have learned by answering:

Final recording of the reading passage before you move on to the next segment.
READ 180 is based on a blended instructional model that includes whole-group instruction and three small-group rotations, adaptive software, differentiated instruction, and independent reading.
1. Stay on-task during each rotation.
2.Focus on the reading strategy: Main Idea and Details.
3.Read the Reading Zone passage every day.
4.Complete QuickWrites and share them with the class.
5.Gain accountability of classroom routines and procedures.
Do... Do...
Stay committed to the 90 minute Instructional Model.
Start printing student reports
from SAM.
Use the rBookTeacher’s Edition for Whole- and Small-Group Instruction.

Don’t Worry About... Don’t Worry About...
Students being a little too noisy during rotations.
Regrouping students until you’ve collected more data.
Having to review classroom procedures repeatedly...they’ll
catch on eventually!
Establishing Expectations
Result of research that began in 1985
Grant from the United States Department of Education’s Office of Special Education
Dr. Hasselbring developed software that used student performance data
2006- READ 180 NEXT GENERATION (5 years)
"Most thoroughly researched reading intervention program in the world."

Scholastic offers comprehensive READ 180 implementation training and professional development to help teachers be successful
Variety of books to choose from
Different strategies

Lexile and grade level are not same
Robotic writing
Only as good as teacher
READ 180 Next Generation was designed to ensure 21st Century students develop an awareness and appreciation of different cultures and perspectives.

Basic level, the cost is $43,000 for a Stage of READ 180 service 60 student licenses. READ 180 can also be purchased for 30 students.
Initial cost per student for implementing program:
Year 1: $716 per student (based on 60 students)
• Replacement cost per student for subsequent use: Year 2 and Beyond: $29.95

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