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Transcript of X-Men

Wolverine: he can heal himself, he has long claws, if you shoot him he wont die, he has superhuman senses, strength, agility, stamina, reflexes and longevity. ("Longevity" means long life)
Cyclops: Optic power beans. ("Optic" means: eye or power vision) and cyclops could reflect the beam off hard and shiny surface. To prevent the destruction of any thing/ object in his view, Cyclops uses a pair of ruby quartz, eye glasses developed by Professor X.
Phoenix: Ability to know other's thoughts (Telepathy)
Marvel Girl: She has the powers of super strength, flight, super speed and x-ray.
Banshee: Powerful lungs and vocal throat produce's sonic scream.
Sunfire: Has the ability to absorb solar radiation.
Iceman: Generates intense cold.
Colossus: super human strength, convert the tissue in his body to his entire body for organic steel like substance.
NIight crawler: teleportation powers
Havok: Absorbs energy turning it into plasma.
Thunder Bird: Super human strength
Storm: Controls weather, she has the power of rain, fog, wind, hurricane, and lightning. " She has also demonstrated the ability to manipulate ocean current. Facts What makes the x-Men team effective Definition of "effective"- They are successful at working together to fight for justice and to save people form danger and evil.
Sabrina- I think the X-Men team is effective because all of them have some kind of power and a background story of how they got their powers and there all different plus if your background story of how you got your powers is really sad then your most likely to be a better hero because if its sad you don't want other people dying and getting injured the same way your background story went. Also each of their powers would have a different cause on a enemy/villain also that if you have a group your group is stronger (more powerful) then the villain so you would be more likely to win. For example: Marvel girl got her powers when she saw her childhood friend being hit by a car and that made her want to save people so other people don't die the same way, which made her strong and powerful and work together with her group to make sure that doesn't happen again. I also think the X-men team is "effective" because they all do what a super hero mission is (to save people from danger, harm and evil) For example: If someone got kidnapped by one of the X-Men enemy's then the x-men crew would come and fight the enemy they won't give up till they finish and complete their mission.

Ishreen- I think the X-Men team is effective because they have different powers and different origins so if there is a villain they could use all they're powers because it's all different and one persons powers might not work on a villain for example if someone has water powers and the other person has lava power it might not work together or it will because the person has a different power from the other mutants.

Gabrielle- I think the X-Men is effective because they all have very unique mutant powers. So if someone is not as good as fighting but another has the mutant powers of invisibility. For example like if they were fighting one of their villains and there's two of the X-Men members against a villain. One of the X-Men members has super strength and another one has invisibility powers. If the villain was after the two members and one of them go invisible the bad guy can be focused on him when the other member with super strength comes out from hiding and gets him. That's how their team works so effectively.

Jada- I think they're effective because they all have different powers so they might have different effects on the villains so if one persons powers aren't as effective on a bad guy maybe another persons power might be a lot more effective. Also because they are all mutants they wont make fun of each other because they are equal because if a human was on the team they might fun of someone because they are a mutant and they are not. Xavier lost his legs due to a crash of aliens and Xavier treated a 10 year old girl named Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) her mutant powers had emerged prematurely after FBI invested a investigation of mutants. Xavier met with Duncan to volunteer to find young mutants and also train them to potentially dangerous abilities. Xavier recruited 5 mutants to his school there code name is: Cyclops, Iceman, The angel, Beast, also Marvel Girl. Xavier taught them academic subjects and how to use their mutant abilities to save humanity. Xavier wanted to prove that mutants can be heroes. How the X-Men team came together The Amazing Angel Sunfire Wolverine Ice Man X-Men movie (trailer) Physical Abilities/ Powers Wolverine Cyclops Phoenix Marvel girl Ice Man Storm Facts 1. The memebers of the group are
Storm,Banshee, Angel. Sunfire, Ice man,
Harok, Polaris, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)
Colssus, Night Crawler, Wolverine,
Cyclops and Thunder bird.

2. Allies of the X-Men group include The new Mutants,
Excalibur, X-factor, Genration x, The fantastic 4, the Avengers, Spider Man and Doctor strange

3.Enimes include: Apocalypse His Horsemen, Hellions, Brother hood of evil mutants, Morlocks, Gene Nations and e.t.c.

4.Many heros joined the x-men team over the years like Chamber, Husk, Northstar Stacy-X and e.t.c.

5. Cerbo is a machine that was invented by proffesur charles xavier, he made it because it's to "locate mutants possessing super human abilities"

~ Sabrina Thanks for watching!

By: Sabrina,
Ishreen and
Full transcript