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Andrew Fetalcurin

on 29 November 2012

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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND The system design project, Enrolment system using LAN will provide the needs in storing information in a faster, more convenient way of storing files of the students in a computer system. It will lessen the effort of faculty and staff in storing files of each student every now and then. This will also serve as information especially for the students, freshmen, transferee, and professor in able to get access in subject, professor, and students. This information here can be viewed just a second without worrying that a single file is lost.
The idea behind an enrollment system is not a new concept. As enrollees increase every year, enrollment procedures become harder to deal. This will only serve to increase the problem facing enrollment that provides more easy way in enrolling. This will also be a big help to all the enrollment staff especially under the computer department because they are the one who are entitled to touch and read the information from here. It will help their institution to have another system that will upgrade enrollment processes so as to meet the quality that their institutions are trying to meet. Today, the use of technology has been an effective tool on improving such kind of enrollment system. In this study, the use of Visual Basic and My-SQL database will help to improve the efficiency of the enrollment in the Mystical Rose School of Caloocan INC.

Technology has been a part of our daily lives. Billions of people are using computer and we need to be aware of all the things around us to respond properly. This proposal will design and help the Mystical Rose School of Caloocan in its Enrollment System.
Enrollment in every school and universities had always been a tiring process for the school administrators every enrollment period. It would require them much effort as they go over a lot of works attending to every person and their window and desk. The process would also be burden for those students and parents who would line-up for hours just to get enrolled and paid. This problem will be eliminated in this proposed system.
The proposed system will help to minimize the work of administrator, registrars and the employees in the accounting office of the school. Students and parents will also benefit in this enrollment system.

General Objectives:
The main objective of the study is to create a program that can be used easily by the end-user which is more accurate, secure and convenient.

Specific Objectives:
The objectives of the proponents for the school are the following: first is to provide an automated Enrollment System for the school by using LAN-Based system. Next is to make the enrollment system more accurate and fast than the existing system which is manual.

Statement of the Problem
This section states that the questions the researchers used in proposed study, the enrollment system of Mystical Rose School of Caloocan Inc.
1.What is the evaluation of the respondents in the existing system enrollment system in terms of:
2.What is the evaluation of the respondents in the proposed system enrollment system in terms of:
2.1 Speed
2.2 Reliability
2.3 Security

3.Is there a significant difference between the existing and proposed system in terms of;
3.1 Speed
3.2 Reliability
3.3 Security
3.4 Accuracy

Hypothesis of the Study
Ho: There is a significant difference between the existing and proposed system.
Ha: There is no significant difference between the existing and proposed system.

Scope and Limitations
The proposed automated enrollment system was purely for enrollment only. It doesn’t support any grading system. Each of the information is stored at the server where the proposed system will be LAN-Based. The system is not designed to generate ID because of the contract between the school and the photographer regarding the school’s ID’s.
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