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Pearl S. Buck

No description

Emma Vibber

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Pearl S. Buck

Pearl S. Buck
Sai Zhenzhu

Early Life
Born June 26th, 1892 in West Virginia but was quickly moved to China with her family
Both her parents were missionaries who helped the Chinese people
Famous Literary Works
Pulitzer Prize for Literature
The Good Earth
East Wind
West Wind
Young Revolutionist
The First Wife
A House Divided
The Mother
The Exile
This Proud Heart
All Men are Brothers
Awards Received by Pearl S. Buck
Pulitzer Prize in Letters
President of Colombia University-1932
The Woman of the Year Award
Federation of Jewish Philanthropies-1951
Human Service Award
The University of Religious Council of Temple University-1956
Sarah Coventry Award 'Woman of the Year'
The Men and Women of Sarah Coventry-1968
PCAW (Perseverance, Courage, Achievement, and Womanhood Award)
The Philadelphia Club of Advertising Women-1969
Nobel Peace Prize
"Fear is the beginning of all weakness"
What does this mean to you?
East & West Association
Advocate for equality
Racial Understanding
Supporter of the Civil Rights Movement
Fought for women's rights
Started an adopted agency for Amerasian children
Welcome House located in Bucks County
Timeline Of Events
• 1865: U.S. Civil War
• 1880: Sydenstrickers arrive in China
• 1882: Chinese Exclusion Act is passed, suspending Chinese immigration to the U.S.
• 1900: The Boxer Uprising in China
• 1911: The Chinese Revolution begins
• 1914–1918:World War I
• 1927, March: The Nanking Incident—several hundred Chinese
• and some foreigners killed in violent uprisings
• 1939: World War II begins in Europe
• 1941: U.S. enters WW II
• 1949: Pearl founds Welcome House to help find homes for multiracial children

Facts about Pearl S. Buck's beloved country of CHINA

Beijing is the Capital of China?
The Red Panda is considered a Chinese national treasure?
China is the most populated country?
China is the largest country geographically in the world?
China is officially titled as the 'People's Republic of China'
Middle Life
Returning to America 1934 Mrs. Buck fought for women's rights as well as positive association between the East and West
Editorials in
Asia Magazine

Wrote many pieces of literature
About her time and experiences in China
End of Life
Sadly Pearl S. Buck passed away on March 6th, 1973 at the age of 80 of lung cancer
She is buried at Green Hills Farms as per request
What did you learn today?
How was Pearl S. Buck a local hero?
How has this changed your view on our community?
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