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Essay Writing for Dummies


Danica A

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of Essay Writing for Dummies

Essay Writing Narrative Essays Persuasive Expository Open- Ended Thesis Statement/ Theme Getting your message accross to the reader Supporting Details Make sure you put lots of
these in your essays to support your idea. Point of View You can have first person and you can have third person The hook is what gets the
reader to get
interested in your essay. and Prepositions Transitions and prepositions should be in there so that the reader
can easily see how you got from one topic to another. Sentences are more varied with prepositions in them. G.U.M.S Grammar. Usage.
Mechanics. Spelling. Elaboration Elaborate on a topic using supporting details,
pictures, and anecdotes. Compositional Risks Using methods to enhance
your product.
It may or may not work. Dialogue CAPITAL LETTERS! Exposing the truth of a quote or a passage.
4 paragraphs
What it means to you
Text to text
Text to world
Text to self You want to try and persuade someone to join you.
5 paragraphs
Thesis Statement
1st reason
2nd reason
3rd reason
Call to Action
Restate your thesis and conclude the essay. Writing a story in some point of view.
unknown paragraphs Usually answering questions after reading a text.
Writing a response that shows you understand the text you read.
4 R's
Restate Literary Devices They are used to enhance an essay or story. Goal Later On.. You will definitely need to use your essays later on in life for your job. The goal of any essay is to express your thoughts, ideas, and feelings through words. the rubric for any essay
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