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Untitled Prezi

No description

Hannah Luksch

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Surrealism Surrealist works feature
the element of surprise Max Ernst Salvador Dali Max Ernst Salvador Dali Swans Reflecting Elephants Metamorphosis of Narcissus Europe After the Rain II Date made and materials (medium) used - 1937, oil painting, during Salvador’s paranoiac-critical period
Subject matter, what can you see? – strong horizontal symmetric line, reflections, a man, animals.
Aesthetic qualities – the painting has horizontal lines, the shapes are softly curved, it has a soft/smooth texture to it, the tones are different – the lake water and the sky changes tone, good use of colours, subdued colours. The painting is appealing to the eye.
Characteristics – swans reflecting elephants, its sort of a dream like painting, not realistic, it is surrealistic. Date made and materials (medium) used – 1937, oil painting on canvas
Subject matter, what can you see? Reflections, symmetry, rocks, water
Aesthetic qualities – the shapes and texture is smooth, it looks soft to touch, darkened colours are used in this painting, the tone of the water is different to the tone of the land, the painting is very strange and I wouldn’t say it is appealing.
Characteristics – this painting does not look real even though the rocks appear to be. It is an abnormal painting, hence the chess board in the background of the painting. It sort of feels like it’s a nightmare more than a dream, it definitely doesn’t feel real. Date made and materials (medium) used – 1936 oil painting, during the French Period.
Subject matter, what can you see? – a bush a miniature man standing with his horse, there is a lizard and a stick insect.
Aesthetic qualities – the shapes in the painting are rough and edgy, the texture is coarse, the tone changes when the bush reaches the sky, bright colours are used to give it a more lively feeling.
Characteristics – you find things in strange place like the small man with his horse in the top right hand corner. The painting looks very realistic except for the tiny little man. The Joy of Living Date made and materials (medium) used - 1940 – 42 oil painting
Subject matter, what can you see? – broken down buildings, statues of man .
Aesthetic qualities – roughly painted shapes, coarse texture, the tone dramatically changes from the wreck to the sky, the sky is bright and lively but the wreckage is damp and broken, the colours used show where the sun is positioned in the sky which gives off the bright colours to the wreckage.

Characteristics – this painting feels very fantasy like due to how the colours are presented in it, therefore the painting seems surreal and different. The statues look as if they are the only things left standing. It almost looks like it is under the seas, like the wreckage is colourful coral.
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