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Welcome to MY World of Warcraft.

This prezi describes my literacy with the "text" of World of Warcraft. It will touch on some reasons why others should give World of Warcraft a try as well.

Ron Rodriguez

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to MY World of Warcraft.

"Casual Gamers" "Hardcore Gamers" If you've been watching television in the past few years, walked through any store with a home electronics department, or visited a popular website on the internet, or browsed through any "hip" periodical like MAXIM or WIRED, targeted at 'mass media culture', then you've probably seen an advertisement for a computer game called created by Blizzard Entertainment. You may have seen this advertisement, with Ozzy Ozbourne, or this one, with Mr. T. as represented by Verne Troyer, better known as "Mini-Me." Celebrity-studded TV ads aside- with millions of fans worldwide. CULT STATUS Blizzard Entertainment maintains four successful franchises: The Warcraft Real-Time Strategy Series... The StarCraft Real-Time Strategy Series... The Diablo Action Role-Playing Game Series... ...and the , also referred to as "WoW" by its fans and subscribers, With reportedly is considered to be one of the most popular (On a side note: The mohawk hairstyle was actually implemented into the game after that TV ad. Good job, Mr. T!!!) in the world. over 11.5 million subscribers world-wide (as of 2008), World of Warcraft is estimated to hold 62 percent of the MMORPG subscription market. World of Warcraft. Blizzard Entertainment, as a company, has reached cult status Let me send you off with some examples of
has made a long and illustrious career out of making great games. "Dedicated to creating the most epic entertainment experiences...ever." The company mission statement reads; It even says so on the plaque at the base of the statue in front of their headquarters. World of Warcraft Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Series. In fact, has been so successful, they just released a sequel for StarCraft, they are currently developing another expansion pack for World of Warcraft, and they are in the midst of developing a sequel for Diablo. With so many successful titles under their belt, it's probably safe to say that Blizzard understands the video game market, and knows how to make games that will entertain people. OMG! "In Millions"?!? The Casual gamers can be: People on the go, Students, and busy families. World of Warcraft Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) World of Warcraft so popular. (Female gnome from World of Warcraft. VERY popular!) (Very popular girls in pink.) AND Activities World PVP Arenas Quests Gathering Professions Raids Professions Seasonal Events Battlegrounds Player - versus - Player (PVP) Player - versus - Environment
(PVE) Group Instances "So, excuse me for interrupting, but what IS the World of Warcraft (Rude guy that interrupts people while they are talking.) ?" Well, Mister Rude Guy, since you asked... World of Warcraft is a MMORPG in a fantasy based setting. Like most MMORPGs set in the fantasy genre, World of Warcraft derives much of its inspiration from role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. Role playing games are:
set in fantasy worlds
populated by fictional races and creatures, allowing players to
choose from a number of roles, or “classes”, in order to
gain specific skills or powers. Side Note: But I digress... Due to its Player-vs.-Player nature, is faction-based, pitting one group of in-game races against another. The Badass Race! Their leader, Thrall, was a key figure in bringing together all of the races that compile the Horde faction. The Orcs originate from the world of Draenor. Originally peaceful and shamanistic, they spent many years spirtually overthrown by the powerful demon lord Kil'jaeden, and used for his twisted purposes.
The orcs were finally freed of their demonic bondage by Thrall.
Orcs were the first race to become warlocks, in the lore of World of Warcraft. Also known as the Undead. Freed from the bonds of the Lich King by their leader, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, they are the remnants of an evil plague that once spread across the land, turning the denizens of Azeroth into the vile Scourge.
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner was murdered by the Lich King, and returned as a member of the Scourge. She broke free from the Lich King's will, and liberated others that had died and been brought back as Scourge by the Lich King's hand. Resembling bovines that stand upright and erect, the Tauren are very spiritual in nature.
The Tauren are the only other race besides Night Elves that can choose to become Druids.
The Tauren reside in the capital city of Thunder Bluff, a city heavily influenced by tribal talsimans, totems, and other spiritual motifs. The Trolls are scattered across the lands of Azeroth. Many signs of their ancient architecture can be found in the form of ruins, typically in more lush jungle environments.
They all speak with an accent that resembles a bad Jamaican stereotype.
It has been rumored that Trolls share an ancestry with the Night Elves, but both races would deny it vehemently.
Proficient with bows, Trolls make powerful hunters. The Horde's "pretty" race. Twisted versions of the High Elves, the Blood-Elves came into existence after their flight from the ruins of Azshara, and the destruction of The Well of Eternity.
Being addicted to the magic that they regularly drew from The Well of Eternity, they attempted to recreate the Well with a vial of the original Well's water. The demonic taint from the original Well seeped into their recreation, thus leading to their corruption.
In an attempt to cleanse the taint of their addiction, they broke from the unsavory practices that provided them with the magical sustenance they craved.
The Blood Elves have only recently joined the Horde. These factions consist of The... ...and The... Each faction consists of five races. The Horde has... ...and... The most boring looking race, yet strangely the most powerful in terms of racial traits. The human racial trait "perception" is the bane of all rogues, allowing humans to see through "Stealth", a skill that renders rogues all but invisible. The humans also have Stormwind, one of the most beautiful and elaborate home cities in the World of Warcraft...
...spoiled bitches. (The Night Elves are connected to the spirits of nature. Their leader, Malfurion Stormrage, is a powerful Arch-druid, and plays a major role in the lore of World of Warcraft.)
(It's a long standing joke that Night Elves are the "Third Faction" of the game, because so many people that play Alliance chose the Night Elf race for their character.) The Dwarves. (The Dwarves reside in the second most elaborate home city of the game, Ironforge. Ironforge is connected to the human city, Stormwind, by the Deeprun Tram, a suspended trolley car contraption that passes deep underground.
Like the humans, they also have an impressive array of racial traits that add to their sturdiness.) The Humans. The Night Elves. The Orcs. The Foresaken. The Tauren. The Trolls. The Blood Elves. Side Note: All of the characters I created in are Orcs. This is my Orc Death Knight, 'Hierophant'. Oh, by the way...

...I forgot to mention, Hierophant had a sex change. AHEM! Let's move on, shall we?

Okay, back to Horde races. The Draeni. The history of the Draeni is among the most fascinating in the lore of the World of Warcraft.
The Draeni were once a powerful interplanetary race once known as the Eredar. With lifespans that virtually allowed for immortality, their deep connection with the Naaru allowed them to connect with a powerful and holy spiritual light.
A powerful and twisted Titan, known as Sargeras, invaded the Eredar home planet, Argus, and began corrupting members of their race. Some of the Eredar succumbed to Sargeras' will, becoming powerful demons.
The most notorious of these corrupted Eredar; Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden, play significant roles in the lore of the World of Warcraft.
The corrupted Eredar attempted to convert the remainder of the race, but a handful resisted. The remnants of their race were forced to flee with the help of the Naaru, traveling from planet to planet in the hopes of evading Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden. Eventually, the Eredar landed on the planet Draenor, originally the home world of the Orcs.
The Orcs welcomed the Eredar, and for many years, they lived together in harmony, until Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden discovered the whereabouts of the Eredar once again.
In a twisted plot to exact their revenge on the Eredar that had resisted corruption, Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden seduced the Orcs with gifts of unholy power, eventually leading to the enslavement of the race through demonic possession.
Much of the fate between the Orcs and the Draeni plays out in the lore of the World of Warcraft. The Gnomes. The Gnomes' home city of Gnomeregan has been overrun by a twisted race of sentient being called the Troggs.
The Gnomes, being technically inclined, are masters of the profession Engineering. Their abandoned city contains many remnants of their engineering prowess, including random Engineering recipes and materials for the ambitious adventurer.
The Dwarves have opened their city, Ironforge, to the Gnomes and this is a place they currently call home.
It is rumored that the Gnomes will reinhabit Gnomeregan in Cataclysm, the next World of Warcraft expansion.
Gnomes have many outposts throughout the land of Azeroth and beyond, and they are almost always Alliance-only. Trespassers are attacked without warning.
Since Gnomes play such an important role in the World of Warcraft, they have the ability to become many of the classes within the game, including the mage... ...and the Alliance has... Well, the great thing is,
World of Warcraft is designed to run on minimal system requirements.
So, you don't need the lastest super computer in order to install the game. Now the fun part begins. So, once you've installed the game either through:
digital download,
taken advantage of the 10-day free trial, or
purchased a hard copy on disc from your local electronics store,
Just follow the instructions on www.worldofwarcraft.com under > ACCOUNT > Create Account to set your account up.

There is a monthly charge to play World of Warcraft,
so read the instructions carefully
to decide which subscription plan is right
for you. The Account Management webpage should look similar to this. Once you have installed World of Warcraft onto your computer and set up your account, you should be able to start up the application either by double-clicking the World of Warcraft icon (it look like this ) on your desktop, or through the Start Menu of your computer. You should get a Login Screen that looks similar to this: Enter the account information you set up
for your account in the appropriate fields. (Take note of all the clutter on the screen.) (This person is using
what are called "Add-Ons"
to enhance their User Interface.) (This is typical of "Hardcore Raiders" in MMORPGs.) (These are "Health Bars"
for the other player's in this person's "Raid Group."
These indicate how much health each person's character has before he or she dies in-game.
Judging from the sophistication of the Add-Ons on this person's screen, this person is definitely a "Hardcore Gamer".) (This person is using the standard User Interface [UI] built in to the game.

Casual Gamers tend to avoid installing Add-Ons.) (This screenshot is of a 5-person
"instanced dungeon". Instanced dungeons are one of many features in World of Warcraft designed for the Casual Gamer.
They require a very small time investment, and can usually be completed with minimal preparation.) Character Creation! Hurray! This will tell you which faction
you have chosen; Horde or Alliance. This will tell you which race you're
currently viewing, and if you
scroll down, you can find more
information about specific
racial traits. This will tell you more about
the class you are currently viewing.

Note: Each race has specific classes
it is proficient with. There are limitations
on which classes a specific race can become. You can change other features of a specific character. Some additional features, such as new hair styles and new skin color palletes are only available after you have met certain conditions within the game. Side Note: This is a more up-to-date Character Creation Screen. It includes the two new races that were added with The Burning Crusade expansion pack. The Death Knight class is only available to players that have installed The Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack.

Death Knights are considered a "Hero Class."

Players must level at least one other character on their account to level 55 before the Death Knight class will unlock for them.

Death Knights start at level 55, they have their own city, accessible only to the Death Knight class, and they have a series of Starter Quests that allow them to accumulate
"Talent Points" rapidly in order to bring them up to speed with other classes their level.

The Death Knight class also has a special set of Skin Colors available only for their class. The colors range from an icy blue to a deathly palor.

If you recall, my Orc, Hierophant, is a Death Knight.

He... ahem, excuse me... SHE kicks all kinds of ass. "Okay. I've created a character. NOW what?!" Now it's time to start playing the game! As a new player, the amount of activities you can participate in will be limited, so a little bit of patience is required to get your newly made character off the ground. The first thing you'll be able to particpate in are Player-vs.-Environment activities, at least until you gain some more levels. You will start out relatively weak, with very poor quality gear (e.g. armor, weapons, accessories), and no special skills. But fear not, this is only temporary. Each new character has a specific starting area, depending on their race.
Each starting area provides the new player with plenty of "Quests" available from a variety of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) standing around with a yellow "!" over their head.
Quests are tasks which can range from very easy to incredibly difficult to complete.
Some quests can be incredibly rewarding, offering a one-time-only reward of great significance, including experience points, which are needed in order to level your character, gear upgrades, and vast sums of in-game currency.
Some quests are actually required in order to advance to another area of the game.
When you complete a quest, the Quest NPC will have a yellow "?" over their head. If a Quest NPC has a quest available for you,
but you don't meet the level requirement in order to receive the quest,
a silver "!" will appear over the Quest NPC's head.

This means you are within two to three levels of meeting the requirements to receive the quest, so come back later!

Sometimes, a Quest NPC will not reveal their "!" to a player because the level requirement for the quest that the NPC offers is far beyond the player's level. Always return to areas you have already explored.
Quests are a great source of experience points, and they offer other benefits as well. One activity you can participate in at early levels is taking up a Profession.

At higher levels or proficiency, Professions can be vital to the advancement of your character. They can also be very lucrative, supplying your character with much needed wealth and bargaining power.

Professions are also a great activity for Casual Gamers.

There are the primary Professions, such as the ones you see above, and there are also the Gathering Professions, which are needed to provide the materials for the Primary Professions. Gathering Professions are important for players that choose a Primary Profession for their character. Each Gathering Professions provides materials for one or more Primary Professions.

Gathering Professions are also the fastest way for players to accumulate in-game wealth. Many Casual Gamers make a hobby of gathering materials, and selling them in the in-game Auction House.

Many high level materials are always in high demand. Provides materials for:
Some Tailoring.
Some Enchanting.
Quests. Provides materials for:
Some Blacksmithing.
Quests. Provides materials for:
Quests. Provides materials for:
Quests. Support Professions Support Professions are especially useful to have.

Support Professions are a "MUST HAVE" in specific situations and play styles.

Cooking, as a Support Profession, can provide a "Hardcore Raiding" group with extra health, and sometimes additional statistics (e.g. Attack Power, Spell Power, Strength, Intellect, Health, etc.) that aid in overcoming an especially difficult encounter. (Psst! These are just a few of the more famous MMORPGs on the market!) But it's Blizzard Entertainment's years of experience, and high quality standards that make 's high quality standards: Here is an in-game cinematic for Blizzard Entertainment's latest release = And here is a cinematic trailer for Blizzard's upcoming game, To demonstrate Blizzard's high quality standards even further,
here is the opening cinematic for World of Warcraft's current expansion, And last but not least,
here is an interim cinematic trailer (with in-game graphics) for Blizzard's upcoming expansion pack... Blizzard has honed their skill of making games in order to bring a diverse array of game activities all under one roof. In this manner, World of Warcraft is an incredibly enjoyable game, because it caters to... World of Warcraft Blizzard Entertainment Woo Hoo!!! It was once rumored that Blizzard had set out to create a video game franchise based upon the popular pen-and-paper game , originally created by According to Mike Morhaime, the CEO of Blizzard Entertainment, this is nothing more than an "Urban Legend." Supposedly, Games Workshop turned down Blizzard Entertainment's offer, and Warcraft was created in its stead. These factions are made up of various races.
The lore behind these races is fascinating and engaging. This is a testament to Blizzard's skill in game development.
They made
accessible to millions of players by making the game backward-compatible with Shall we explore some of the activities? Let's find out more about those activities! WoW! That is very interesting! In fact, Blizzard Entertainment has become so popular, that it annually hosts one of the most successful single-company "Fan Fests" in the industry called "BlizzCon". Starting in 2005, BlizzCon hosted a sold-out event
for 8,000 attendees at the Anaheim Convention Center in southern California... ...in 2009, attendance almost tripled, with over 20,ooo attendees.

Tickets to the event sold out within a matter of minutes. "Are you frickin' serious?! What kind of people pay over 150 dollars to attend a video game convention?!" This year, even with two batches of tickets made available
on June 2nd AND 5th, 2010,
they sold out within a matter of minutes...

...at the increased price of $150.00!

(Tickets originally sold for $100.00 in 2005.) It probably didn't hurt that Ozzy Ozbourne hosted the closing ceremonies that year. Why, NERDS, of course! ...and "Cos-Players".

Cos-Players, or "Costumed Players", are fans of a specific genre that dress in elaborate costumes to role-play a character from that genre.

In this case, most of them are fans of World of Warcraft. But not just any nerds! BlizzCon is attended by cool nerds... (Need I remind you that Ozzy performed for the closing ceremonies in 2009?) ...and cute, gay nerds... That's so hot. *Bzzzt!* *Crackle!*
"We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin!" We regret to inform you that this report has been compromised by the Nefarious Hardcore Gamer! You wanna know what makes World of Warcraft so great? Why are people so addicted to it? Let me tell you... (The Nefarious Hardcore Gamer.) (Blizzard under one roof... get it?) Casual Gamers are usually;
tech-savvy people
with limited time on their hands,
looking to get the most out of their entertainment
without having to invest a lot of time into it... ...until they get addicted. The (High consumption of energy drinks.) (Penchant for fast food delivery.) (Aversion to sunlight.) (Ridiculously elaborate headset with microphone.) (Computer hard drive filled with Add-Ons soley dedicated to World of Warcraft.) (Insanely powerful computer "rig" that could probably bring the Pentagon to its knees.) cater to Hardcore Gamers and Casual Gamers? How does Let's take a closer look at how Casual Gamers and Hardcore Gamers play: Hardcore Gamers can be: Heeeey! Wa-a-a-ait a minute! Weren't those guys the Casual Gamers?! Why, yes they are, Little Timmy! You just never know who
the Hardcore and the Casual Gamers are. (Older computer system running on Hamster-Power™.) older computer systems. World of Warcraft World of Warcraft World of Warcraft Isn't he cute? World of Warcraft As you can see, has a wide array of races, which in turn
can be crafted into a wide array of 'classes'. Of course, this is not much different from any other MMORPG on the market. Um... Okay. You lost me. So how do I get started? Um... You lost me, again. How do I play the game? Well, Little Timmy, how about if we watch this instructional video that some nice boy posted on YouTube. I hope that helped. But where do you go from there? I gave you just enough to drink the Kool-Aid.
It's up to you to explore the game from this point forward.

However, I will touch on some of the other activities you will be able to participate in at advanced levels: Group Instances are copies of a game dungeon that allow just you and your party to enter without interruption from other players.

They are usually indicated by glowing portals that you enter, and your character is teleported into your own personal instance of a dungeon.

These instanced dungeons start at Level 8 for easier difficulty, but they yield lower level rewards.

Higher level instances yield much better rewards, but are also far more difficult to complete. They ramp up in difficulty, requiring you to form more experienced parties to explore them. Anyone can join Player-vs.-Player (PVP) Combat at any time,
any level,
but even considering it before Level 10 is In-Game suicide. You can join PVP Battlegrounds starting at level 10.
(I'll tell you more about those later.) As I had mentioned before, anyone can participate in PVP. Younger players are usually too weak to survive, and they are severely undergeared.

If you die in PVP combat, you do not die permanently.

You have the option of returning to your corpse and resurrecting there, or you can speak with a Spirit Healer while in the realm of the undead.

You will receive a small penalty in gear durability, but you will resurrect at the spot that you found the Spirit Healer rather than having to find your corpse. Battlegrounds are probably the most entertaining aspect of Player-vs.Player mechanics in World of Warcraft.

Battlegrounds, like instanced dungeons, are limited to a set amount of players from each faction, pitting them against each other in a variety of environments and situations.

The environments can range from vast maps with multiple structures that your faction must destroy or capture in order to win,
or they can be quick and dirty battles similar to Capture-The -Flag, but with much more challenging goals. are the gladiatorial battlegrounds of the Hardcore PVP'ers. This game mechanic is another animal altogether.
Blizzard actually develops new levels of Arena-only gear to be awarded to those dedicated enough to follow the arena season from beginning to end. It's another way for players to gain epic gear, rather than participating in Player-vs.-Environment raid dungeons.

Player-vs.-Player arenas are popular enough that people from all over the world meet up annually to fight it out for fame and cash prizes.

These events are held at venues such as BlizzCon.

Arena World Championships, sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment and other game companies, take place in international locales like South Korea, where internet gaming is so popular it has become a part of their culture. Arenas Raid content is the life-blood of the game for many World of Warcraft players. However, raiding dungeons require a high level of dedication, and slightly more involved understanding of the game, and a much higher level of organization.

Raid Dungeons are designed for either 10-person or 25-person raid groups, no exceptions, unless the members of the raid group are highly experienced and very well geared.

These are usually aimed at the "Hardcore Gamer" audience.

Some players form permanent in-game groups called "guilds" to keep a steady stable of experienced players together. These "guilds" work together on a regularly scheduled basis in order to progress through these raid dungeons. Raid dungeons are similar to instanced dungeons, but they work on different mechanics, and are much more difficult. The rewards that players reap from raid dungeons are far superior to those found anywhere else in the game. Seasonal events occur within the game, usually mirroring real-life seasonal celebrations. Holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Summer Equinox, and Oktoberfest are celebrated, with quests, gifts, and rewards offered to those that participate.

Some gifts and rewards are permanent, some last for only a short time, but they are almost always worth the player's time, and they are a lot of fun to obtain. So, are you ready to play World of Warcraft yet? Whew! That was exhausting!

You just received the Grande Tour
of the game. Well, it's "Good Bye" for now.
I hope I have given you enough to catch your interest in World of Warcraft . If I have, then the next big threat
you will face in the lands of Azeroth will be... ...This guy. Cute, ain't he?

He's the next major catastrophe to rip the land of Azeroth asunder,
thus bringing about the cataclysm from which
the next expansion pack derives its name. And now, to send you off with a dancing bear. Good Bye! ~ Fin. ~ (Click the "Next" arrow to zoom in
on these Character Creation instructions.)
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