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History of the Ojibway

No description

Aniket Bhalerao

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of History of the Ojibway

History of the Ojibway
Ojibway People
Group of Native Americans
Reside in the north part of Midwest
Also called the Chippewa
Refer to themselves as Anishinaabe
Spoke Ojibwe Mowin
Only spoken by elders
Hello: Boo Zhoo
Thank You: Miigwech
Allied With:
Other Chippewa Indians, Ottawa,Potawatomi
Known as Council of Three Fires
Split in 3
Iroquois and Sioux
Came here from Eastern Asia
Settled in western Great Lakes in 1500s
First settled on east coast
Near U.S.-Canadian border
Migrated westward
Met Europeans in 1600s and started trading
1800s-many treaties made
1924-the Indian Citizenship Act

History with Europeans
Anishinaabe: First people
Meet in 1600s
Fur and Natural Resources
Did not engage in conflict
Tried converting and thought of as objects
Tree usage is common (Birch Bark)
Men hunted and Women cared at home
Lived in Wigwams
Storytelling major time passer
Hunting, fishing, gathered berries, harvested wild rice, and maple syrup
Traded with Huron
Traded with Europeans
Became dependant on trade
Lost traditional values

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