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The Particle Theory Infographic

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Tehnaad Sandhu

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of The Particle Theory Infographic

Particle Theory: Infographic
Tehnaad Sandhu
Matter is made up of infinitely small particles
Particles are very close in regular rows, evenly spaced
The money in a banks storage room is just like particles in a Solid because they both are close and evenly placed
Particles are far apart, randomly spaced
The money spread around in a community around the bank the is just like the particles in a liquid because they both are far apart and randomly spaced
Particles are very far apart, very randomly spaces
The money in every different city is just like the particles in a gas because the banks in each city are far apart and randomly spaced
Particles are in constant motion
Like particles, money is in constant motion .
It Moves from:
Bank to Bank
House to House
City to City
Country to Country
Particles are held together with forces
Large spaces between particles
The large spaces in between money are created by the spaces between:
Money in Houses
Money in Banks
Money in Cities
Unique substance has distinct particles
There are so many different types of bills and coins and they can act like different substances with their own unique particles
Russian Money
American Money
R.I.P.The Penny
Canadian Money
Temperature affects the speed of the particles

Hot Temperature:
A lot of money being moved
To Pay for A.C.
Give Water Bills
Go to Water Parks/Beaches
Buy Summer Clothes, etc.
Cold Temperature:
Pay for Heat
Pay for Winter Clothes
Not as much money being moved
In hot temperatures particles moves a lot
In cold temperatures particles don't moves as much
All the money that one puts in their bank account will be held together with force
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