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The Chemistry of Eyeliner



on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of The Chemistry of Eyeliner

Almonds? Eyeshadow? The Chemistry of Eyeliner By: Tali Naibryf
o Chemicals that control the pH (acid/base balance of the product)

o Free of bacteria and mold

o Antioxidants to keep waxes and oils from going rancid o Waxes and oils

o Creams

o Water

o Emulsifiers How do I make my own? Why are they used? Control agents are used in order for the product to maintain a high quality after it is sold. (Smell, texture, & shelf life of the product) o Iron oxide: blacks and browns

o Ultramarine pigments: blue

o Chromium oxide: green

o Titanium dioxide: white Almond eyeliner o Burn an almond: color, vitamin E
o Grind it
o 1-2 drops of contact solution
o MIX! *Hydrogen Peroxide
o The primary ingredient
o To kill germs and bacteria

*Benzyl Alcohol
o Helps to kill bacteria and other microorganisms

*Edetate Disodium
o Chelating agent: used to remove heavy metals and calcium from the blood
o Calcium buildup: this is a decongestant and removes calcium

*Polyaminopropyl Biguanide
o Disinfectant and preservative
o Prevention of bacterial and fungal eye infections

* Chlorhexidine Gluconate
o Antiseptic: kill microbes
o Approved in mouthwash
o High concentrations are not good for the eye but since there is such a small amount it is neutralized by other ingredients (balanced out) The History Control Agents Basic Ingredients Colors Elements in it

*Carbon o Ancient Egypt: Kohl Eyeliner
Aesthetic: visually appealing
Eye protection
Mostly made from iron
Illegal in U.S. *Antimony *Aluminium *Calcium *Silver *Silicon *Sulfur *Oxygen *Magnesium *Titanium *Lead Contact Solution? Eyeshadow? * Break up the eye shadows
* Put Vaseline inside
* MIX!
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