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How the steam engine changed HISTORY

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Gregory kraft

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of How the steam engine changed HISTORY

The Perfection
The steam engine was perfected or mastered by James Watt in the 1700s
The Steam Engine was named Newcomen Engine
After James Watt made his engine, he made a big jump from making the the engine to making fuel
How the steam engine changed HISTORY

How The Steam Engine Changed History
The Steam Engine
the basic principle of the steam engine of energy to motion set the stage for later inventions like the combustion engine and jet turbines
By Gregory
The First Steam Engine
The Steam Engine was made in 1698 by Thomas Slavery. He made the external combustion pump.
The steam engine gave us the ability to have vehicles such as cars, trains, airplanes, and spaceships.
What did the Steam engine give us
Before the Steam Engine
steam engines changed traveling and working forever
the steam engines were used for mining, ship, or spinning wind mills
Before we had the steam engine vehicles the only way to transport is hand, wind, water, or animal
the reason of this creation
Thomas Watt wanted to remove the liquids for down in the mine for all the water going though the ground so he made a steam engine water pump
Other Facts
It toke over 100 year of improvements to use the steam engine for travel
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