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"The Tail"

No description

Anne Luna

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of "The Tail"

"The Tail"
Joyce Hansen About the Author... Joyce Hansen was born and raised in New York City. She went to college to become a teacher - a job she held for twenty-two years. Her experiences as a teacher in New York had a big influence on her writing as an adult. She said, "My characters are greatly influenced by my childhood and my students." About the Characters... In “The Tail”, a 13 year old girl, Tasha, is upset when her mother tells her she has to baby-sit her little brother, Junior, for her entire summer vacation. All Tasha wants to do is practice for the annual (yearly) double-dutch contest. Watch to see an example of a double-dutch performance. Other Interesting Information... Tasha and Junior live in New York, in an apartment building. Junior wears a Mets baseball cap - the Mets are a NY baseball team. Junior wants to go to the Cloisters, which is at a nearby park. The Cloisters is a museum in the park that overlooks the Hudson River. There are kids in the park playing stickball, a game like baseball, but instead of a bat, you use a stick! Vocabulary Terms Vow - a pledge or promise.
Anxious - eager, excited.
Gnaw - bite or chew.
Maul - badly injured or attacked.
Routine - normal way of doing something.
Spasm - a sudden burst of energy. Synonyms & Antonyms Synonyms: Words that mean the same
thing. Antonyms: Words that mean the
opposite. Term Synonyms Antonyms Vow




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