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Cai Lun

Cai Lun prezi

Jimmy Muse

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Cai Lun

Cai Lun is the inventor of paper and paper making! Cai Lun was selected to be a servant in the Imperial Palace when he was 15 years old. Cai Lun turned out to be an official in the imperial workshop. Cai Lun was born in China in 50 AD-121AD. Cai Lun died by commiting suicide. Cai Lun had the origonal idea of making pulp. He got the idea when he saw his aunt beating hemp and cocoons to make strips to write on. Cai Lun made pulp out of bark, rags, and worn out fishing nets by beating them together. He let some of his pulp rot in water, then he boiled it, then he poured it on a bamboo mold, pressed the water out and dried the paper on a wall. That was the first piece of paper invented. Before paper was invented people were recording events on different materials. All of those materials were either heavy or expensive. We are still using paper. Now paper is made out of trees or cotton, but we don't need to beat anything because we have modern technology. We use paper everyday and everywhere. Therefore, Cai Lun is one of the greatest inventors in history.
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