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the five forces model for jd.com

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Miao Wei

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of the five forces model for jd.com

the five forces model analysis
At present, in the B2C e-commerce sites, such as JD, Zhuo Yue, Dangdang and so on. Compared with it's competitors, JD has a strong competitive advantage.
First of all, JD has its own features.
Secondly, with the emergence of third-party payment platform, the credit problem of online shopping has been solved.
What is the bargaining power of suppliers in JD?
--Raise prices or reduce the quality of products.
why the bargaining power of suppliers in JD exist?
--Change provider and increased relative power though cooperatives.
The development of the bargaining power of suppliers in JD?
--Becoming weaker.
Jingdong mall is the biggest 3C professional on-line shopping platform in Chinese B2C market, one of the most popular and the most powerful e-commerce website, the service related to all kind of fields and make our life more convenient. With the high speed of development, it has accounted for 35% market share by the end of 2012.
Bargaining power of suppliers
Rivalry among existing competitors
threat of new entrants
Economies of scale
Requirements of capital, technology, logistics supply chain
The fierce competition between existing electricity company
Brand preference and Customer loyalty
Levels of product differentiation and Switching
Go on expanding their business into e-commerce:
Large traditional companies: Lenovo Lining Walmart Portal site.
Search engines: Baidu
Online community: Tianya
Logistic company: sf-express
The customer can easily get all kinds of information on the internet.
Such as product's costs and demand, the price between different sellers.
The bargaining power of the gap is narrowing.
From 2012, another sellers, such as Suning, Tianmao, announced they would cut price. They use the price war to against JD. Because customers can easily switch from one seller to another, the bargaining power of customer is strengthen.
threat of substitute products or service
- Michael Porter's Five Forces-- A model for Hotel Industry Analysis, Science & Technology Information, May 2013
-The study on the competitiveness of city logistics Jingdong--Based on the five forces model, Modern Business Trade Industry
The development of the traditional way of shopping.

The development of TV shopping and other direct ways

The development of e-commerce sites, like Taobao Dangdang
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