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No description

Lauren Gray

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Socialnomics

Author Erik Qualman
From Michigan
Academic All Big-10 for basketball
Global VP of Digital Marketing for EF Education
Professor of Digital Marketing
Featured on NY Times, Mashable, Forbes and more @equalman
Strengths Weaknesses
Favorite Part Interaction Used For? Recommend? -"It's about a people driven-economy."

-"Whether you are a business person or a high school student,
social media transforms the way you live and do business."

-"Word of mouth goes world of mouth."

-Brand awareness VERY important We find what we want to find & we are as connected as we want to be connected. Case studies! - Nike, American Airlines, JetBlue, Google, Huffington Post and more
Easy to relate to
Easy to read
Good statistics WITH the websites
Chapter key points
Key leaders in our industry -
Sarah Evans, Gary V, Biz Stone, Lee Odden + 96 percent of dissatisfied customers don’t bother to complain
and yet 63 percent of those silent dissatisfieds will nevertheless
not buy from you again. Doesn't acknowledge downside of SM
"I care more about what my neighbor think than what Google thinks." - True and False
Needs more proofreading
Some false data [Second Life, gaming and more]
He is not a fan of Kindle or Nook
Needs more varity of social media platform topics besides just Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and more -> Business people
-> Students
-> General working population
-> PR-Marketing-SM people Learning other key leaders!

1. Know what you're doing.
2. Know where you are doing it.
3. Know why you are doing it.
[it's not for everyone]
4. Know what SM successes look like
5. Know what potential pitfalls could happen "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" If your company [or you] are
about to plunge into SM: Research.
Statistical Data.
Beginner for SM.
Resource for leaders.
Learning lesson. YES!
Read it :] Author is VERY nice.
He responds and monitors.

Video - Questions?
Thoughts? "how social media transforms the
way we live and do business."
Full transcript