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The Adress Of The School

No description

ozlem çolak

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of The Adress Of The School

School Presentation
External View Of The School
Our school has 2 parts as a building.Our school has a big garden.In our school there are a lots of trees.Our school canteen is outside.Our school has a school cretaker.Our school has a volleyball and basketball court.
The Adress Of The School
Internal View Of The School
Our school has total 32 closses,1 library,1 laboratory and a meeting hall.A block is a two storeys.A block has 12 closses.On the first storey in A block are tenth grades.On the second storey in A block are ninth grades.A block has a staff room,painting room and meeting hall.B block is a three storey building.B block has 20 closses B block has a refectory,a principal room, a library and a laboratory.
Staff Of The School
We have 54 teachers and 4 directors.We have 1 computer teacher,2 guidance teachers,6 literature teachers,1 history teacher,1 geography teacher,8 math teachers,2 chemistry teachers,3 physics teachers,3 biology teachers,10 english teachers,2 deutsch teachers,1 music teacher,1 art teacher,1 religion teacher,3 gym teacher and 4 directors.
History Of The School
Our school started the education under the name of Hürriyet Secondary School 1973-1974 academic year.And the year 2005.Our school is changed to Hürriyet Anatolian High School
Hürriyet District School Str. No:5
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