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Theodore Boone: The Abduction By: John Grisham

No description

Brendan Baird

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Theodore Boone: The Abduction By: John Grisham

Book Recommendation
Theodore Boone: The Abduction
By: John Grisham

One of the protagonists in my story is Theodore Boone. Theodore is a caring 13 year old boy in middle school that wants to be a lawyer when he gets older. He is caring because on page 28 he organized a search party for his friend, April Finnemore, who has gone missing. He is also caring because on pages 112-129 he helps out a classmate by being a lawyer for him at Animal Court when his pet parrot was taken by animal control and helped him get it back.
One of the antagonists in my story is Tom Finnemore. Tom Finnemore is a drummer in his band Plunder and is a selfish father. He is selfish because he takes his daughter, April, without telling her mother. On pages 150 & 151 Theo and his friend Chase find out that April is with her father's band. He is also selfish because on page 6 Theo said April told him that her dad would often leave for weeks on tour with his band.

One of the conflicts in my book is a character vs. self. It is a character vs. self because the main character, Theodore Boone, faces an inner conflict. On pages 158 & 159 Theo doesn't know if he should tell his parents that he is going to get April in North Carolina or not. Then, he knew his parents would say no so he wasn't sure if he should obey or disobey.
Another conflict in my book is character vs. society. It is a character vs. society because the main character Theodore Boone is against the society. In chapter 4, Theo and his friends make a search party for April. A group of policemen told Theo that he was not allowed to do the search party and not allowed to tack up flyers about April Finnemore. They ended up telling him he had to be off the streets by 6:00pm.
Theo's best friend April goes missing. Jack Leeper, a criminal that escaped from prison, was caught by swat teams. Detectives took him into questioning and Leeper tried to make a deal but they declined. Once Theo got off of school he goes to a search party at the park and passed out missing flyers. Policemen ran into them and told them to be off the streets by 6:00. In the morning, Theo and a few friends were handing out flyers when the police found a body in the river so a few of them started to cry. Theo went over his Uncle Ike's house and Ike told him that the body in the river wasn't April's, so he went to school and tells everyone the good news. Later that day, Theo helps out a classmate at animal court by getting him his parrot back. Leeper makes the detectives another deal but they declined again. Ike tells Theo to find out where April's dad is. Theo stays with his friend Chase while his parents were at a 24 hour seminar. Theo and Chase went to Theo's parents law firm to find out where Plunder is.
Rising Action
Plot Summary
Character Vs. Self
Character Vs. Society
By: Brendan Baird
They all got in the car and called Theo's and Chase's parents and tried to call April's mom but she didn't answer. While on the road, they all were filling each other in about what happened when April was gone. Once they arrived at Theo's house, everyone was waiting for them including Detective Slater. He asked April if her dad kidnapped her or if she went voluntarily, then left. April and Theo went to school and everyone was excited to see them. Theo's mom went to court and said that she should be April's temporary guardian. Later that week was the court hearing and Judge Gantry kicked Theo out, but he started to listen to the court hearing through a vent.
The genre of my book is mystery.

It is a mystery because a mystery is
Another antagonist in my book is Jack Leeper. Jack Leeper is a deceiving criminal. Jack Leeper is deceiving because on page 51 he told detectives that he would never find April when he never even had her. Later on, in chapter 14, Jack proposed the detectives a deal that if they lower his sentence to 2 years then he would lead them to April when he doesn't have a clue to where she is.
a novel, play, or movie dealing with a
puzzling crime.
Theodore Boone: The Abduction
is a novel and has a puzzling crime in it. Theodore's friend April was kidnapped in the middle of the night when she was asleep. On page 155 Theo and Chase found a clue to where April was. Theo ended up finding April with her dad's
band. Throughout the book everyone is trying to find out where April Finnemore
is and what happened to her. In chapters
1-6 a criminal named Jack Leeper was
wandering around in the town of
Strattenburg after he broke out of
prison in California which add
the mystery.
The setting of my story

is in the town of Strattenburg.
It is over the course of about a week.
Falling Action
I recommend the book
Theodore Boone: The Abductio
for anyone who wants to read a good mystery. I rate this book a 4 out of 5. In this story, the plot is easy to follow and doesn't get too confusing. In this novel it makes you think that you know who took April, yet in the end it is totally different. The author, John Grisham, does a great job on
putting an image in the reader's head. This novel
allows children to know how Theodore Boone feels
about his friend being missing; it is easy for
kids to relate to. However, this story has very
simple vocabulary.
Theo and Chase were looking at fraternity parties where Plunder could be when they came across a picture of April with her dad's band. They found out where the band was going to be next, then Theo and Ike started heading to North Carolina, without Chase's or Theo's parents knowing. When Theo and Ike got to Frat Court in Chapel Hill they went in a frat house and saw April, so Theo told her it was time to go home.
During court the judge said that April would live with her parents if they agreed they would make it a safe environment. After that, Theo and April went to school and had a lunch date.
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