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On the Bridge

No description

Anita Liladhar

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of On the Bridge

On the Bridge
Literary Devices
Fore Shadowing: is when the character doesn't know when something is going to happen but the author gives a hint to the reader something big is going to happen. ( Seth says " I wonder just how far Adam will go." He doesn't see the car return until he hears the door slam.)
Imagery: When the author uses words o create a mental image in the readers head. ( Seth reeled backwards, his hands covering his nose and mouth everything felt numb and he was certain his nose and some teeth were broken. He slipped and landed on the ground in a sitting position, bending forward. his throbbing nose and mouth covered by his hands.
Irony: Situation: When the characters situation back fires. (Adam and Seth dropped the cigarette on the car and the car comes back and Seth gets beats up)
Epiphany: life changing moment, it can change your life in a instant ( Seth tries to fit in with Adam by wearing a jean jacket and being a tough guy. But when he got beat up by some husky kids. He realized he chose the wrong people to hang around with and he stopped all of that and changed his ways

Human vs human:
Adam is a bad influence on Seth, which causes Seth to act different. He uses Seth and causes him to get beat up by three guys. The purpose of this conflict is to show the betrayal.
Human vs self:
Seth is harming himself and he knows that he is harming himself when he hangs out with Adam,but he doesn't do anything to change the problem.

How is character revealed for the protagonist
The protagonist is revealed in the starting of the story when his friend Adam and him are smoking cigarettes on a bridge over a highway.
Reading stratagies
Finding the meanings of words you don't know. It helps you understand by using imagery. It helps when you have a mental picture in your head showing what the authors trying to decide.
The short story "On the Bridge" written by Todd Strasser sends out an excellent message to the young teens of today's society. The main character is a senior in high school named Seth. He strives to be someone that hes not. Seth hangs out with his friend Adam and he isn't a very good influence. The climax in the story is when Seth and Adam are on the bridge smoking cigarettes. As they were smoking Adam flicks the cigarette butt down into the traffic which landed on the three men's car. The three men got upset and turned back to harass the person who did such thing to their car. When they arrived at the bridge Adam puts the blame on Seth. The three men didn't allow Seth to give an explanation and they aggressively harassed Seth and told him to lick the cigarette butt off. This short story explains and shows a great example of knowing who your true friends are. Also having friends that allow you to have a say and not be pressured into something you don't want to do.

The point of view for the story is told in 3rd person, because the narrator refers to the character by name. Also the narrator uses the terms "he" and "the boys" in the story.
Point of View
The theme statement of On the Bridge is to just be yourself. Don't try to be someone your not.
Theme Statement
The significance of the title is that majority of the story is set on a bridge. Also the major conflict happened on the bridge,so It tells you where the setting of the story is.

Significance of title
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