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My Favorite people in the world !!!

Will contain people like Justin Bieber , Channing Tatum, Zack Ryder , Sean Farris , Ryan Reynolds , Liam Payne & More ;}

Mary Ivory

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of My Favorite people in the world !!!

My favorite people out of this whole wide world ;} By: Mary Ivory ;} Justin Bieber <3 -Born March 1, 1994
-Favorite color is purple
-Favorite food is spaghetti
-Speaks French
-Favorite drink is orange juice
-Favorite cereal Caption Crunch with Berries
-Favorite candy Sour Patch Kids -Was sent to the military in 9th grade
-Was on the football team
-Has dyslexia
-Born March 26
-Channing Bryan Isaac Tatum Anderson
-GREEN EYES !!!!!!!
-Favorite color is Blue ! Channing Tatum Sean Faris -Born March 25,1982
-From Texas ;}
-At 12 he moved to Ohio to go to modeling school
-Favorite color Green
-Favorite food is anything Italian
-Hazel eyes Liam Payne -Middle name is James
-Born August 29, 1993
-Only has one kidney!
-Has two pet turtles : Boris & Archimedes
-Has a fear of spoons (Eats ice cream with a fork)
-Favorite sport is basketball
-Loves the movie Toy Story and like to cook
-Liam's favorite color is purple ! -Real name : Matt Cordona
-Born May 14 , 1985
-Catch phases : Woo,Woo,Woo ; You Know It ; Broksi ; Take care and Spike your hair ;}
-Old tag team partners : Edge, Curt Hawkins ,
-Favorite color is purple
- Zack Ryder ! <3 -Born October 23, 1976
-Favorite color is yellow
-Favorite food is a tuna wrap or chicken and rice
-Middle name is Rodney
-Owns two motorcycles
-Green Bay Packers is he's favorite football team
-Has two dogs named Jobey and Boogs
-In high school he failed his drama class Ryan Reynolds Harry Styles -Middle name is Edward
-Born February 1 , 1994
-He came up with the bands name "One Direction"
-He can speak French
-He has a fear of snakes
-He got a tattoo of a star .. Each point is for one member of the band .
-Talks in he's sleep
-Orange is his favorite color
-When he turned 18 Zayn , Liam , Niall and Louis poured cold water on him in his bed
-His eyes are Green ! -The whole band agrees and says he's the funniest in the group
-Born September 13 , 1993
-He's the only Irish one
-He's nickname is Nialler
-He's favorite color is green and blue
-He's middle name is also James
-He wanted the band to be called Niall and the potatoes
-He eats everything
-He had to fish called Tom and Jerry ... They died because he over fed them .
-He screamed when Justin Bieber followed him on Twitter (He is a "Belieber"
-He sings in the shower . Niall Horan -Born January 12 , 1993
-Middle name is Javadd
-His real name is "Zain" but he thinks "Zayn" is more creative
-Has brown eyes
-Is muslim
-Has a fear of heights
-He can't swim
-He's favorite food id chicken
-He smokes
-He wants kids before his thirty
-He's scared of the dark
-He's favorite shark is a hammerhead
-He's favorite color is Red.
Zayn Malik -Middle name is William
-Born December 24 , 1991
-Oldest person in One Direction
-Eyes are blue
-Mooned his teacher in 12th grade
-He's favorite color is dark red
-Favorite ice cream is chilly flavored in England
-He has a fear of birds
-He hates green beans
-He was in Grease (Played Danny) Louis Tomlinson
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