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Digital Inclusion @ Midland Heart

No description

sarah atherton taylor

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Digital Inclusion @ Midland Heart

What is Digital inclusion?
Digital Inclusion @ Midland Heart
Getting the word out..
Being able to access the internet
Having the skills and confidence to access the internet
being able to use hardware
Combining these to be a confident user who is able to...
accessing essential services practically
Digitally included person
Able to use the opportunities available online to go beyond meeting needs to enhancing their lives
the digital jump
having access an internet connection
having basic online skills
have an understanding of online
engaging digitally with services
keeping included socially with
friends, family & community
use online skills to improve elements of their lives
Be a successful digital business
Successfully digital
Digital staff
Digital customers with better lives
What we have done so far?
Our current focus
Our customers

Our staff
Our business
Supporting basic skills
Opening up opportunities
Inspiring motivation
Supporting development
supporting basic skills
Developing the business digitally
Developing partnerships to support skills
Working to improve the access offer to our customers
Skills & motivation
1) Enable people to get skills to
get wwwise
2) Signpost customers to access points
3) Work with partners to generate a better deal for access and connectivity for all of our customers
Achieve value for money
Improving digital skills of customers
Supporting staff to use digital tech to work more agilely & efficiently and focus their work on
those in greatest need

What are the opportunities?
For our customers

demolishing the barriers that prevent them from accessing opportunities now
putting the next generation on a more level field with their peers
An integrated training
and experience offer
for Midland Heart
To be a really digital business in time for our customers to engage
To influence the providers and decision makers
To build lasting
partnerships with
our peers
Get wwwise is a
transferable concept..
Get wwwise pay your rent online
Get wwwise engage online
Get wwwise report repairs online
Get wwwise learn online
What we are planning
Roll out of support to staff and customers
Delivering with our partners
Accessing grant funding
Working with you to run a
What we need..

You to champion digital
Get your staff to champion digital to customers, your contract holders
You & your staff to identify and encourage people who would benefit from digital support
having access to equipment that can connect to the internet
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