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Lua Thieng Thanh The

No description

Lisa Nguyen

on 24 April 2016

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Transcript of Lua Thieng Thanh The

Lua Thieng Thanh The

What is Lua Thieng Thanh The?
Who are Involved?
The skits are generally acted out by Huynh Truong and Sa Mac Sinh. Cac Cha, Sr., and Phu Huynh are invited to come watch the performances.
Skits are presented by each group to teach a lesson about the bible, or about Vietnamese traditions.
After the fire has been ignited, everybody in the circle join hands to sing "Chao Lua Thieng"
After all teams have presented their skits, one of the final songs is "Cau Chuyen Tinh Thuong".
Doan Chua Thanh Than, Everett
Lisa Nguyen

Lua Thieng Thanh The is an activity towards the end of the night of every camp event to gather everyone together for songs, skits, and a lot fun. Fire acts as heat to keep us warm and as light when it's dark.

To ignite the fire, everybody gathers in a circle and sings the song, "Bai Goi Lua".
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