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How to Produce a Broadway Show

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Annalise Tahran

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of How to Produce a Broadway Show

ANNA'S FAVORITES Producer: Usually don't come in until the show has been written and tested. Now takes dozens of producers to raise enough funds for a show.
Investor: Contribute hundreds of thousands each. They will get a refund if the show is a hit and tax deductions if it is NOT a hit. Also get opening night tickets. For huge shows investors usually don't get a refund but may get creative input.
General Manager: Take care of the budget of the show. Handle complains, paying salaries, getting supplies, and making sure the show doesn't go over budget.
Stage Manager: Write down all stage and technical moves on a master script. Schedules all rehearsals and props/scenery/costumes. If something goes wrong onstage the manager must adjust as necessary to save the show and reputations. The Production Team House Manager: While the stage manager takes care of anything that happens with the cast and stage, the house manager takes care of the house (known as the audience, ushers, box office manages, ticket takers).
Dance Captain: Oversees the musical staging during performances after the choreographer has done their work. Makes sure all dancers are on track.
Casting Director: Keep up to date on talent and contact agents when a director or producer wants to hire. The Production Team (cont.) The Production Team (cont. 3) Advertising: Create a logos and ads for the show
Press Representative: Make publicity events and interviews so the show gets press coverage
Actors: Nowadays they can do it all. Especially in Broadway they are known for singing AND dancing The Directors Director: Has a final say on the decisions made for the show.
Assistant Director: Helps the director. While the director is blocking a scene the assistant director can run through an already blocked scene with the rest of the cast.
Musical Director: Usually either a live orchestra, one person on piano, or a recording. Play along with your actors as they sing on stage. Bye Bye Birdy "Telephone Hour" on Broadway

Book of Mormon "Hello" on Broadway

Avenue Q "The Internet is for Porn" on Broadway by Annalise Tahran How to Produce a Broadway Show Key Steps
-Getting the Idea
-Do a workshop of what the show may
look like
-Raise the money from investors
-Trailers/Previews of the show to get people to see it
-Opening and running on Broadway!
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