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The Breadwinner

No description

Alexis C.

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner
Parvana and her family live together in Kabul, Afghanistan. Kabul was taken over by the Taliban. Kabul is destroyed, and many people are poor. When Parvana's father is arrested by the Taliban for no reason, Parvana has to pretend to be a boy to earn money for food. While she is working she sees Shauzia, a girl she went to school with, is also acting as a boy. They are both trying to earn enough money to feed their families.
When Parvana comes home from work one day she sees two men helping her father up the stairs to their apartment. The Taliban had released him from prison.
One day when Parvana comes home from work her family announces that Nooria is getting married, they are going to travel to Kazul. The letter they got said Kazul is not under the Taliban. They decide to leave Parvana home with Mrs. Weera so people do not find out Parvana is really a girl.
Parvana is the main character in this book. Girls and woman could not go outside without a man. So, when her father is captured and taken to prison, Parvana has to dress up as a boy to earn money for food.
Shauzia is Parvana's friend. When they went to school together they never really talked. Now they are good friends because they hang out a lot. Shauzia is trying to earn enough money togo to France because she wants to be in a better place.
Nooria is Parvana's older sister. She is mean to Parvana, but becomes nicer in the end of the book.
Fatana is the mother. She has five children. Their names are Parvana, Nooria, Maryam, Ali, and Hossain. Hossain past away from a landmine.
Mrs. Weera
Mrs. Weera used to be a physical education teacher. At one point in the book she moves in with Parvana's family to help them.
The climax in this book is when Parvana has to turn into a boy to earn money.
One day Parvana is out and she hears a woman crying. She brings the young woman her back to her house. Mrs. Weera and Parvana take care of the young woman, whose name is Homa. Homa tells them she is from Kazul, and that the Taliban had invaded Kazul. The Taliban had killed her family and most of the people of Kazul. Parvana was very worried because that is where her mother and siblings were going.
The End
The End
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