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No description

colby ingimarson

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of hi

Fallout3 is one of the best games ever. you travel around the D.C
area and discover places You start out in a vault untill the
dad leaves it thenyou have
to escape to go find your
dad in the wastelands. the whole surface of earth gets blown up by a whole bunch
of atomic bombs and the world is now a wasteland. When your character is born you get to choose the gender the name and how you want to look like in the future. There are monsters in the wastelands
that were affected by the radiation of the
bombs, some are the super mutant and
a radscorpian When you get out of the
vault you find a town full
of people who survived
the atomic bomb
that landed in the center
of the town(lucky for them
it didnt blow up).
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