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The Product Owner as Change Agent of a Reliable Agile Transformation

The true story of implementing Agile Transformation based on a circle of iinterests of committed Product Owners

Oana Juncu

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of The Product Owner as Change Agent of a Reliable Agile Transformation

The Product Owner as a Catalyst of a Reliable Agile Transformation Oana Juncu,
cOemerge, an Agile Leanovation Introduction:
The essence of SCRUM ? Focus on a product ... Take the example of a "Scrum Blender'
For whom this approach is most meaningful ? The Business Ambassador, the product representative is ...

The Product Owner ! Why does Agile cultural mind shift happens ?
When do Agile Practices last in the enterprise ? Act 1 : The Awareness
Ignite the change by creating the "Agile AHA moment" to the business representatives Act 2 Understand
Agile Adoption, as
a Product Ownership perspective For the PO mission, choose the right people gather them Make them contribute
to build
their PO ecosystem
In the SCRUM approach
make organisations understand
the importance of the PO Act 3 : The Knowledge
PO: the sof-skills and the hard-skills Value the experience as a
learning opportunity No judgement,
no bad ( or mean...) PO Train through a learning instance that is sustained by peers Act 4: Enhance the Knowledge
Adapt Trainings by A space to share experience rather than school class
The Product Ownership by example The Product Ownership, focus and converge Identify the PO ecosystem Product Vision Epilogue Lessons learned Prepare to answer the question
"How the PO role fits into my career path?" Specifications by example,
a difficult cultural shift circles of influence rather than community of practices Peer learning is possible if well explained and understood Some references Training from the back of the Room, Sharon Bowmann
Specification by Example, Gojko Adzic
Innovation Games , Luke Hohlmmann
ADKAR, A Model For Change in Business, Gouverment and Our Community, Jeffery Hiatt perform "Shu", aim the "Ri"
"ThAnK You !" Zoom on the Product Maison des étages, Escher A play in 5 acts and... many iterations ...That works ... As early as possible Practices are sustainable if ALL people that will benefit from that practices are involved actors in the play The Designer? The engineer? the user ! Scope Definition The lasting, reliable change is initiated by people that have the benefit of that change "The best kept Management secret On The Planet: Agile"
Steve Denning Change through the ADKAR model
Awareness of the need to change
Desire to go for the change
Knowledge of the target setup
Ability to build and sustain the target framework
Reinforcement : Reinforce the target setup Act 5 Reinforce
Interaction generate learning by peers
the will to improve PO as Change Catalysts will step forward to answer their own call to change toward Product Ownership and... The best Usage value of the product Oana Juncu
Bio http://about.me/ojuncu cOemerge, focused on Agile Leanovation Project Define user stories Embedded tests
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