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Armenian iBooks

No description

Arm Lib

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Armenian iBooks

http://yerevanmagazine.com/ibook-initiative/ http://www.armnewstv.am/hy/1360699237 http://asbarez.com/arm/153738/ http://www.itel.am/am/news/5528/ http://yerevanmagazine.com/ibook-initiative/ The Armenian iBooks initiative was established by Ruben Mirakyan and Marat Yavrumyan – associate professors from Yerevan State University. Armenian iBooks aims to preserve, digitize and popularize the Armenian written heritage in the era of high technologies through dissemination of the both Armenian classical literature and the works of modern writers. The overarching goal of the initiative is to contribute to the dissemination of American Classic Literature in Armenian language through the creation of the electronic books – available for various devices and readers (IOS, ANDROID, MOBY). Since November 2012, Armenian iBooks has presented over 30 examples of classical and modern literature on the Apple iBookstore and Google Play platforms. That includes both fiction and scientific publications. Armenian iBooks in the Media Currently, the initiative holds over 40 digital examples of the books that are being located in the online stores. Much to our regret, Apple’s iBookstore, as well as the Google Play platforms, are currently unavailable in Armenia due to territorial limitations. Please like our page on Facebook And check out our blog - to find the complete catalog of our books! In this regard, Armenian iBooks is working on a petition that has just launched on the Change.org (https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/make-the-apple-ibookstore-available-in-armenia#) and is directed to make the Apple iBookstore available in Armenia. Armenian iBook Initiative seeks young, talented and enthusiastic volunteers to collaborate in different spheres of an inspiring and highly creative work- Book Creation Process!
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