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Social Problems Sept 2012

Tara Ileso

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Media

Social learning theory Audience relations approach people use their own cultural understandings to interpret what they hear and see in the media Theory of limited effects Hypodermic needle theory audiences were passive and media affected everyone in the same way people use the media to entertain and inform themsleves but are aware of the limitations the media have in their coverage of topics individuals are likely to act out the behaviour they see in role models and media sources perspectives interactionist functionalist conflict feminist media has a minimal effect on the perceptions and attitudes of individuals Use and gratification theory created by male domination in media Misrepresentation of women reinforces gender stereotypes believed to lead to violence against women Women's devaluation continued concern about the role media have in shaping people's values, beliefs and attitudes use the media as a political tool by showing their own perspectives and demands Alternative feminist media study the multi-facited impact of media on our society Today Media in the 21st century Problems relating with media are going to continue
into the 21st century and may become more complex. GLOBALIZATION Text book example "Internet and e-commerce will affect all aspects of life, particularly in high income nations such as Canada." Analysts prediction Canadian cities will start to lose more of their tax base to untaxed internet commerce, causing a need to restructure relations between cities, states and federal government The abilities single governments have to control activities of transnational media industries may start to weaken. Journalist: Thomas L. Friedman "A world of global communications means that many issues that were once considered the domain of individual nations and government will have to be viewed from a new perspective." Privacy protections on websites Changes in privacy settings needs to be re-looked over throughout the world, due to the amount of ways you are able to access people's personal information in today's world we live in. Publishing in cyberspace Freedom of Speech and Libel will have to be rethought as internet allows everyone to be a potential publisher, with no editing or censor in charge. look at the role media plays in the construction and deconstruction of identities, nations and borders Textbook solutions! The text book shares 9 different solutions given for the readers to consider. Become aware of local media. analyze advertisements Think Critically! Compare alternatives and mainstream media sources Contact local, provincial and national newspapers. Actively learn the impacts "cross ownership" has. Consume media that has diversity. Give feedback back to the media. Check into other Canadian Media. Media Ownership and control Group Solutions Demand for more transparency Have violence ratings Educating Contacting company's and giving feedback to them Potential media effects ~Negative body image -Anorexia, bulimia ~Fashion/overspending -popularized products and debt ~Exposure -Celebrities swaying opinions and endorsing causes ~Misinformation -Displaying the facts and not altering the reality to the public Potential Media Effects Cont'd ~Social media -Cyber Bullying Scandals: Normalizing negative behaviour ~Spousal abuse (Mel Gibson)
~Cheating/ Extramarital affairs (KristenStewart)
~Glamorizing teen pregnancy ( 16 and pregnant)
~Eating Disorders
~Costly plastic surgeries
~Illegitimate children due to affairs ( Arnold Schwarzenegger)
~Underage Drinking (Justin Bieber)
~Drug Use (Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston etc. ) ~Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices -Fast food, Junk food, Alcohol, Diet Pills, Etc. ~Sexual Objectification of Women -Exploitation Over the past thirty years media ownership has become much more concentrated
In 1983 there were 50 major corporations that dominated media and in 2007 there were only 9 Media Ownership Definitions Media Concentration: Media industries grouping together with the goal of enhancing profit
Cross-Media Ownership: Occurs when a company owns more than one type of media
Vertical Integration:Corporations that make the media content also control the distribution channels
Conglomerate Ownership: when a single corporation owns companies that operate in different business sectors Global media Seven major conglomerate control most of the publishing,recording, television, film, and Mega-theme park business in high income nations in the world
This leads to Media Imperialism which occurs when one society's media dominates another country's culture dysfunctions of media people communicate face to face less often change blindness Violence And the media Violence is a way to capture audiences... "Violent fare emerges as a logical extension of commercial broadcasting" "Programs reflect audience desires" Ads= women portrayed in: ~pornographic nature
~sexual exploitation of children Violence and the Media Exaggerations can be misinterpreted... Murderers who never get caught - Dexter Extreme Scenarios of senseless violence- Sons of Anarchy Robberies that go off without a hitch- Ben Affleck "The Town"
Oceans 11, Etc. blind negative influence unhealthy lifestyle self hatred right or wrong dilemma media addiction information overload Functions of media provide news and information pass on culture and history entertainment facilitate public discourse on social issues/policies Problems related to Media Soc. 242: Social Problems

Katlyn Paynter
Kalene Mc Carthy
Crystal Hill
Tara Ileso Media In the daily lives of each Canadian, Media has started to play a huge role in our lives. As well, television viewings shape and influence our understanding of the world and our view for ourselves.
Internet has become a perfect example of a "Media Giant"

Some Examples of media:
Internet Key Terms Media Industries:"Major businesses that own, or own interests in, radio and television production and broadcasting; cell phones and other Personal Digital Assistants(PDAs); motion pictures, movie theaters and music companies; newspapers, periodical(magazine), and book publishing; and internet services and content providers, and that influence people and cultures worldwide."
Mass communication: "The transmission of messages by a person or group through a device to a large audience.
Mass Media: Any device that transmits a message Framing: Refers to how news content and the accompanying visual images are linked together to create certain audience perceptions and give specific impressions to viewers and readers Media Bias:in the form of structural media bias, refers to the areas of life and work that are not covered in the media Problems brought on by convergence Decline of journalism as a public service Constant pressure for all journalistic endeavors to be immediately profitable A decrease in the quantity and quality of international news available to Canadian audiences A dramatic increase in the influence of powerful lobbyists who represent the interests of the media conglomerates Conflict hegemony theory media manipulation broadcasting decisions

omitting information

unbalanced viewpoints

negative labels

positive/negative connotations
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