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Ms. Susinno's final project

No description

allie epstein

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Ms. Susinno's final project

To future students
Everything you need to know about Ms. Susinno's Earth Science
How we experienced Earth Science in action
What have I learned in this class that I can take with me to high school?
Some of my most memorable lessons
Some Necessary Information
Advice for incoming students:
How can your knowledge of Earth Science help you to become a better citizen of the planet?
By Allie Epstein
Don't over-use Greenhouse Gases
if there's too much greenhouse gases, too much heat is trapped on earth and can't escape into space therefore melting ice caps and resulting in floods
What are they?
consist of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone
What do they do?
How clouds are made
Things to know about Ms. Susinno
She has LOTS of "boyfriends!"
She gives out homework passes
Climate Change
Human or Naturally caused?
In class we had a debate where two sides (Human vs. Natural) argued about what they believed. Each side showed evidence supported by graphs and pictures which would make someone agree with their statement.
How I can be a better citizen
In my opinion, climate change is a natural cause because it has been happening over millions of years, where humans haven't existed for that long. However, humans contribute a lot to speed up a change in climate.
What I have learned
Earth Science has taught me many things...
How to stay safe during a hurricane
Where to be during a tornado
How to tell if a tsunami is coming
The type of weather outside
and many more things
Bad Weather is coming!!
Earthquakes and Tsunamis
Moon Phases
Weather Station Model
Cold Front
Warm Front
What is it
INcoming SOLar radiATION
measure of solar radiation energy received on a given surface area and recorded during a given time
helps us know the suns path throughout the year in a certain place
this picture shows all the earthquakes in the past 5 years
How to locate an epicenter
To locate the earthquake's epicenter you need a seismogram from three separate seismic stations, one needs to study the seismographs and find the elapsed time between the arrival of the first P-wave and the first S-wave. By determining the S minus P time and using a time-distance graph, you can find the distance to the epicenter from the seismic station. Next, on a map draw a circle around the epicenter, which the radius of the circle equals the distance to the epicenter, then draw circles around the other two seismic stations. The point at which the three circles meet is the epicenter.
Every night when you look at the sky, you see the moon....
Managing work
Preparing for Tests
The Start of Regents Exams
work when you are given the assignment
waste time doing other work because obviously earth science is most important
make a schedule for when to do which homework
wait until the last minute
do work in school
do labs the night before
I learned that in order to do well on tests I have to do the followings things..
study notes every night
use Barron's review book for practice questions
go to extra help sessions
do all necessary work -- AND MORE
What are they?
"The Regents are jerks!" as Ms. Susinno would say, but to everyone else, the regents are a test you take at the end of the year which are statewide standardized examinations in core high school subjects required for a Regents Diploma in New York State.
The reason Ms. Susinno is such a good teacher is because rather than teaching for a test, she taught us every little detail needed to know about a topic.
She taught me that the answers aren't always right there and that I have to find them instead of being given the answers.
She taught me HOW to think not WHAT to think, and there is a very big difference.
If you ask for an answer, she will respond with:
"Uhh, IDK.", "Check your notes!", "LOOK IT UP!!!!", or "Ask a partner!"
She's totally insane, but I love her.
Cloud in a Bottle
Stream Table
Making Rivers
Playing with Toys
HR Diagram Lab
Although this was not my favorite lab ever, it was definitely memorable.
Ms. Susinno made up plot more than 50 points on a graph to represent all the different stars
Every star you see here, we had to plot.
This was also known as the worst lab ever..
check website/blog/edmodo every night
study notes every night
if given the opportunity to do extra credit, do it
attend extra help either in the morning or at lunch
keep your notes handy because you never know when Ms. Susinno will give you a throwback quiz
Ms. Susinno WILL send you to the gossip corner!
NEVER ask for homework answers
save your homework passes and sell them
if you miss class, make sure you get the work you missed
lastly, have fun!
She does cartwheels
she wears wacky outfits to match our topic
Kids love her class
She has catch phrases
She gives out "long-term labs" which are projects
My Starry Night journal
If you put a picture of her on your project she will love it
"Rock on Sista!"
"He's my FAVORITE 'boyfriend'!"
"Under the hood 'yo"
"DO NOW= when should you do it? NOW!"
"Do you need to go to the gossip corner?"
"Of course I have a twitter!"
"Get in your box!!!!"
"Monkeys? Staceys?"
...and many, many more
box when taking test
Both of these projects show that nature has an special value on our learning.
My Weather Journal
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