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Max Fan karina anaya

No description

lib hist

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Max Fan karina anaya

both born in New York

both risked their lives

went to university

both volunteered military

joined after college
Mary was female

Mary was nurse

Michael was lieutenant

Michael was in the navy

Mary was kept prisoner

Mary Edwards Walker
Michael P. Murphy
Michael P. Murphy was a Lieutenant in the United States Navy. He had received the medal of honor because he had risked his life to assist a injured teammate. He had run out into the open completely exposed to the enemy to communicate with his allies. He made it to them alive and once he had told his allies that his teammate needed help he had fought until he gave his life for his country. I think Michael P. Murphy completely deserved his medal of honor because he risked his life for another person and had gave his life for his country.
Mary Edwards Walker was the only woman to graduate from Syracruse Medical College. Later she became a nurse since the army didnt allow female doctors. She served in an army hospital in Tenesse at the time she was a "volunteer doctor". Mary would cross enemy lines many times to help Georgians who's lives had been destroyed by the civil war. In my opinion, Mary Edwards Walker was one of the best Medal of Honor recipients not only for being the first and only woman to recieve the medal, she ent into enemy territory where every other man was too afraid to go inot. She also showed woman could achieve just as much as men
Mary Edwards Walker and Michael P. Murphy
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