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Hiring, Layoffs, Furloughs - USSSG Presentation 2013

No description

Donna Jacobs

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Hiring, Layoffs, Furloughs - USSSG Presentation 2013

Hiring Process
Promotions, Transfers, Demotions
Topics for Today:


Subcommittee Chairpersons:
Compensation & Benefits-Stacy Wolownik
Discipline & Protection-Sara Peak
Hiring, Layoffs, Furloughs - Donna Jacobs
Performance Review - Terri Blessent
Subcommittee Members:
Donna Jacobs
Terry Pierce
Edith Ramage
Gerald Thomas
KSA 76-715a
Each institution designated by the board shall develop a plan for a system for administration of all other aspects of employment for these employees.
Hiring Subcommitee
Memorandum of Agreement's will follow their own Procedures.
Hiring Process Recommendations
Promotions, Transfers, Demotions
Support Staff Study Group
FAQ's url
Search committee of no less than 2 members
Standard evaluation form
Applications sent to HR then distributed to hiring department
Interview questions be approved by Equal Opportunity
Advertise position for a minimum of 7 calendar days on PSU website
Advertisement must list specific closing date
Follow the current state policy
This applies to employees wanting to change jobs within USS on the campus
Salary based upon pay plan being developed
Follow current layoff regulations
PSU USS employees will have Employee Preference for PSU USS openings
Civil Service employees from State of Kansas agencies and USS from Regents institutions will not have Employee Preference for PSU USS openings
Follow current
state policy
Items Recommended to be Removed from Hiring Process
State of Kansas Applicant ID number
Job opening no longer posted to the State of Kansas website
Veterans Preference
Recommend be removed from Layoff Process
State Division of Personnel Services approval for layoffs
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