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7 Karen Intro

No description

Karen Weber

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of 7 Karen Intro

My favourite books.
Some general stuff about me is that i am from germany and spain i have lived in nepal i am 12 years old my birthday is on feburary 14th 2003 i hate carrots and i love apples i am also in love with starbucks.
Movies and tv shows.
im into a lot of sci fi and dystopian societes so i watch a lot of Doctor Who.
I have tons of upsessions that all range from organizing my room to bucketlists, phone cases, and much more.
I like to listen to rock songs anything with actual real music if it is bubble gum pop or auto tuned i hate it. Pop is all just cliche and horrible. Music is my life i listen to at least twenty songs per day and have over 3 thousand songs on my computer which is why i have space problems.
7 Karen Intro
Books are a big part in my life because i never go a day without at least reading a bit.
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