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Text Set: Laurissa, Stephanie, Alissa

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Laurissa Dragan

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Text Set: Laurissa, Stephanie, Alissa

Text Set: Laurissa, Stephanie, Alissa
VA Social Studies SOL 2.11
The student will identify George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller, Jackie Robinson, and Martin Luther King, Jr. as Americans whose contributions improved the lives of other Americans.
Keating, F. (2012). George: George Washington, our founding father. New
York, NY: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.
Summary: This book is written in the perspective of George Washington, himself and journeys through major events and accomplishments of his lifetime. Throughout the book, rules established by Washington for his personal “Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation” are mentioned. These are rules and values he lived by, reflecting civility.
Strategy: K-W-L Chart
Flesch-Kincaid Leveling: Fourth Grade
Susan B. Anthony
Wallner, A. (2011).
Susan B. Anthony.
Holiday House.
Summary: This book about Susan B. Anthony describes how she was raised and what formed her beliefs and why she spoke up for equality. It explains her career as a teacher, a speech-maker, and an advocate for women’s rights. She died before the United States granted women this right, but she never lost vision and purpose for fighting her fight.
Strategy: Create a timeline of significant events in her life
Flesch- Kincaid Grade Level: 9th Grade
Coretta Scott
Fifty Cents and a Dream: Young Booker T. Washington
Asim, J. (2012). Fifty cents and a dream: Young
Booker T. Washington. New York, NY: Little, Brown and Company.
Summary: This story captures the difficulties Booker T. Washington faced as a child and the steps he took to overcome them. Ever since Washington was a young boy he dreamed of reading and attending school. However, as a slave he was not given the right to read. Even after he became a free man he worked in dangerous environments. He became more excited to learn to read after his mom gave him a spelling book and met an African American man who knew how to read. Washington attended a "school for Negroes" and was determined to study at Hampton Institute in the future. He was a committed student who worked as a janitor to pay for his college career.
Strategy: Create a problem/solution graphic organizer
Flesch-Kincaid Leveling: Third Grade
Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans
Nelson, K. (2011). Heart and soul : the story of America and African Americans / words and paintings by Kadir Nelson. New York : Balzer + Bray, c2011.
Flesch- Kincaid Grade Level: 8th grade
Summary: This book chronologically addresses the story of African Americans from the Revolutionary War to President Obama’s election. It includes perspectives from several African Americans who highlight critical periods of history. It talks about famous African American’s such as Booker T. Washington, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King, and some excerpts are written in a different vernacular, which shows authenticity.
Strategy: Compare and Contrast two famous African American’s and their contributions (Venn Diagram).
I Have A Dream
King, M. r. (2012). I have a dream / Martin Luther King, Jr. ; illustrated by Kadir Nelson. New York : Schwartz & Wade Books, c2012.
Flesch- Kincaid Grade Level: 6th grade
Summary: This book takes excerpts from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech and includes beautiful oil paint illustrations by Kadir Nelson. It also includes his full speech in the back of the book and the official recording from the March on Washington.
Strategy: Write your own speech about a cause that means a lot to you (or poem)
Have Fun With American Heroes
King, D. C. (2006). Have fun with American heroes : activities, projects, and fascinating facts / David C. King. San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2006.
Flesch- Kincaid Grade Level: 12th grade
Summary: This book is an excellent expository text with many interesting and important facts about American Heroes. It also includes different activities that help simulate or explain more about each hero. The activities span the disciplines of Science, Math and the Fine Arts. This would make for a great read aloud for your class as a way to transfer new information. Some of the famous American Heroes mentioned are Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr. and many more!
Strategy: Create a web, graphic organizer.
Nelson, K., & Shange, N. (2009).
Coretta Scott.
United States of America: Amistad/ Katherine Tegen Books
Summary: This picture book has phenomenal paintings as illustrations and depicts a vivid and detailed look at the life of Coretta Scott King. The text is written in poetry, which provides a different, more artistic expression of the content than if it were simply expository. The book describes her childhood growing up in a church and how she met Martin Luther King, Jr. It also describes the bus boycotts and the marches in Alabama, Carolina, Georgia, Chicago, and the famous March on Washington.
Strategy: Have students write a poem about something significant that happened in their life
Flesch- Kincaid Grade Level: 8th Grade
Jesse Owens: Fastest Man Alive
Weatherford, C., & Velasquez, E. (2006).
Jesse Owens: the fastest man alive
. Walker & Company.
Summary: This book documents and explains the cultural and historical significance of Jesse Owens’ participation in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. Although racial themes can be difficult for young children to grasp, this book describes the story in poetry form, and the illustrations are captivating and detailed. All of Jesse’s accomplishments are celebrated, and the significance of those games in relation to world history is explained.
Strategy: Summarize a scene in the book that they remember either writing about it or drawing a picture
Flesch- Kincaid Grade Level: 9th Grade
I Am Rosa Parks
Parks, R., Clay, W., & Haskins, J. (1997).
I am Rosa Parks
. Dial Bks. for Young Readers.
Summary: This chapter book illustrates and describes segregation in the south and the bus boycotts that Rosa Parks participated in. It begins with the story of how she got arrested by refusing to give up her seat, and then the book explains her childhood and how she was raised. Lastly, the book explains what happened as a result of the bus boycotts, and how they have affected our lives as Americans today.
Strategy: TPS and discuss cause-effect relationships and summarize what happened at the end of the story
Flesch- Kincaid Grade Level: 5th Grade
Cohn, A., & Schmidt, S. (2002). Abraham
Lincoln. New York, NY: Scholastic Press.
Summary: This book progresses through Abraham Lincoln's early childhood and his presidency. At a young age Lincoln hoped to seek equal rights for slaves. He was an active member of the government, running as state legislature and was eventually elected as the sixteenth president of the United States. Lincoln was an antislavery activist who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, "declaring all slaves free."
Strategy: Venn diagram comparing Abraham Lincoln and another past president
Flesch-Kincaid Leveling: Fourth Grade
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